Thursday, 26 February 2015

In Defence Of The Selfie

I love a good selfie, and I'm not even sorry, you know those people out there that are shouting, quite loudly, that people who take selfies are vain shallow people? Yeah cut those bitches out. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life, CAN I JUST LIVE????

Now there is a strong chance that I will pepper this whole post with selfies of me, because, you know, I can. 

Hmmm, possibly not my finest work? 

In defence of the selfie, why do I like selfies? Firstly, I am 39 years old, at this age I am like an old building built on dodgy foundations, I look ok today but tomorrow I could wake up and the walls have crumbled, the roof has caved in and no amount of grouting is going to hide the damage. 

See? Holding up today? Tomorrow? CRUMBLED TO FUCK. 

Another reason why I love selfies, and this is on a serious note here, they are a way of marking life experiences, I have pictures of myself at a time when I was unhappy, my mouth is smiling but you can see the pain in my eyes. I have pictures I have taken at a time when I am defiant, when no one is going to bring me down and I am strong, pictures where I have steel in my eyes. Both emotions are good to remember, the bad ones, because you made it through those times, you got past them and it helps you to remember that, and the good ones that make you smile when you are sad, because it gives you something to reach for. 

Some people take selfies as a way of measuring weight loss or gain, and they are quite rightly proud of them. 

Not strictly a selfie but it's my post, I like this picture so hush now, 

If you, like me, love taking a good picture, carry on, do not let anyone drag you down by calling you vain, shallow or unnecessary. You just be you. We should all be so happy in our own skin, (even if it takes me 30 shots to get a good one) that we want to celebrate it. 

I will defend the selfie to the death. 

How about you? 

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. Thank you! I'm 34 and love taking selfies. If I feel particularly good about myself, why the heck should I not grab a picture of that moment? Haters gonna hate ;-)

  2. Selfies forever! I feel the same. Last week I looked fairly together and this week I look like I've not slept for a year. Time marches on, and I'd quite like a bunch of photos to look back on so I can say 'Yeah, once upon a time I made dicks twitch.' Although who the fuck I'll say this to is beyond me, as I have no offspring to humiliate.

  3. Love a good selfie!! You photos are awesome :)


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