Friday, 20 February 2015

People Watching and Body Shaming

Oh how I am angry this morning, and yes, I completely understand that by writing about Taking Shape and their #SkinnybirdWatching I am actually giving them the attention they obviously crave and desire, like a toddler smearing faeces on the wall for attention. 

Well I'm sorry, Taking Shape but I am putting you on the naughty step, this is a time out. I think you should go and sit down and truly think about what you have done. 

When Taking Shape came on the scene I was pleased that there was another plus-sized company out there championing women and heralding that you can be plus-sized and wear fabulous clothes, 


I do not want anyone to think that the way to make someone feel good about themselves is to tear down someone else, calling people skinny and saying that they are not the norm is just as bad as someone setting up a FatbirdWatching hashtag and tearing down plus size women. 

PS, WOMEN NOT Birds, but let's not even start me on that one. 

Dear Taking Shape UK, you are in the wrong here, it's horrible, body shaming of any size is not cool. 

I am a plus size woman and yet I will not shop with a company that feels it is ok to shame another size. 

Do we really need body shaming in 2015? 

Please let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 


Taking Shape UK have now said that they are sorry if anyone was offended by their "mischievous stunt"

Firstly, if you are going to apologise, actually apologise and don't do the "sorry if you were offended" trick, we know that one.

And secondly, what I want to call them actually rhymes with mischievous stunts. 

The end. 


  1. Why woman are involving themselves in this level of stupidity is beyond me. Most advertising aimed at women is idiotic, but this can serve no reasonable purpose. If they thought it would drum up business, forget it. If they think women are this stupid I don't want their products in my life.

  2. Disgusting!! I cannot believe they think it's reasonable to do such a thing.
    Gill xx EyelinerFlicks

  3. Spot on as usual, they are definitely a bunch of "mischievous stunts"

  4. What the fuck?! It's not a mischevious stunt, it's being a bitch.

  5. This is really quite disgusting! Talk about a lack of responsibility on the part of Talking Shape - what the hell happened to embracing women of all shapes and sizes?

    C xx

  6. Wow, I am with you on this one, completely agree it's bullying and I won't be shopping there :(

  7. It's awful isn't it, that in 2015 stuff like this still happens. I thought we were past putting others down to big up another group.

  8. Eurgh this is 2015 and we are meant not meant to be so judgemental about anyone... bit like setting up camp to slag off Gingers when I am blonde... that also would not be cool x

  9. Absolutely creasing at the last bit you said! But in all trueness, this was awful, whatever the intention. It would have been picked up immediately if it were the other way round. Danielle"

  10. And we wonder why so many women have issues with their bodies, whatever size we are we can't win! You're right it is a form of bullying and also trying to divide women into skinny v fat - we are more than our size, everyone is different so we should celebrate that, not criticise people when they don't conform to what society (or the Daily Mail) decides is 'normal' and therefore acceptable.


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