Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Pour House Leeds, Review

Firstly, I am not a food blogger, (Autocorrect changed that to not a good blogger, am I missing something? Have I annoyed autocorrect?)

Secondly, this is not a review where I was given credit to spend and then write about my meal, this was me spending my hard-earned money on a meal and enjoying it so much that I WANTED to write about it. 

If you don't live in Leeds, don't disappear, seriously, if you want food porn, I got you. (Makes sure autocorrect doesn't change the word food again) 

The Pour House is housed within the old Granary building, overlooking the canal of Granary Wharf. Close enough to the station, as well as the centre of Leeds, to make it well worth a visit. This was my first visit, but certainly not my last. 

Four people came, and four people left with full, happy bellies, as well as the real ale aficionado amongst us being kept happy with the selection of ale offered. 

But back to the food, 

Need I say more? Oh ok then.

With plenty of choices to keep everyone happy, we went for different burgers and a Hanging Derek, (pictured above) 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that are the chips served at The Pour House, 

No, that wasn't MY burger, but yes, it was all eaten. 

The decor was lovely, with a real fire in the middle of the room, Welsh dressers with tea sets displayed, 

Once the weather gets warmer I could happily sit outside with friends and enjoy a meal outside as The Pour House has numerous large wooden tables and umbrellas outside. 

For four people, the meal came to approx £75 which was 4 main meals and two rounds of drinks which I don't find excessive at all for a good meal.

If you live in Leeds, or plan to visit any time soon, I highly recommend paying The Pour House a visit. 

And if you are a Gin Drinker, The Pour House Gin Lane Menu stocks 19 premium Gins. Need I say more? 

You can check out their website 

Have you visited The Pour House before? Or have I now tempted you to visit? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. God. Oh God oh God oh God. As you were.

  2. I live right across the canal from the Pour House and it is hard to fight the temptation to go in all the time. I love the New York-shire burger and yes the chips are heavenly!


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