Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Crying Shame

Yesterday, I cried
Must have been relieved to see
the softer side
I can understand why you'd be so confused
I don't envy you,
I'm a little bit of everything
all rolled into one.......premenstrual mess.

It's true. Yesterday I cried. I cried because I realised that I had used my last washing up sponge to clean the oven.
Now I have no sponges to wash up, oh woe is me.

Checks calendar, oh hello. It is that time again is it?

When I am premenstrual, I am a goddamn mess. I cry at YouTube adverts, Facebook posts and, yes, using my last washing up sponge for cleaning the oven.

The most humiliating one was crying at a McDonalds advert, WHO CRIES AT A BLOODY MCDONALDS ADVERT? Oh, that would be me.

I genuinely feel as if my body at this time is betraying me, I pride myself on being able to deal with shit but for a couple of days each month I become this irrational female who just cannot handle the simple things such as a McDonalds advert. The SHAME.

Please make me feel better by sharing with me your shame about your tears, whether PMS or because you are just soppy, what was the silliest thing you cried about?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Oh I'll cry over just about anything and everything! PMS or not!

    Anika |

  2. I once cried because my cat scratched me and i thought he hated me.
    And amother time because we ran out of potatoes so i couldn't make mash.
    PMS ruins me

    rach //

  3. i gave up cheese on the other hand I ate two hot cross buns

  4. The poor little dead spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce on my plate. They looked so sad and empty, they brought me to tears.

    (Background - I was with a partner who didn't want children, and my clock had just started ticking, so I related the spaghetti hoops to empty eggs, same with empty playgrounds, abandoned toys etc. I left him a couple of months later, met someone completely more compatible, and now have happy ending!)

  5. Aww bless! I hope you feel better love!

    During the time of month about a 5 months ago, I cried because i realised that the milk in the fridge had gone off. O_o.

  6. I cry non stop for two days. Then I turn into the raging bitch from hell that'll take your head off purely for speaking to me. It's a vicious cycle!!!

  7. Girl, I feel your pain - I cried at the HSBC advert. Hahahaha. I also nearly cried thinking about how cute cats were. No need for how much of a psycho bitch hormones can make you is there.

    Loved this post xx

  8. wait till you reach the menopause...something to look forward to

  9. I cried because we ran out of ice cream and I really fancied some


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