Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A MAJOR RANT about Body Image and School Children

There is an article online in The Telegraph today that has made me so goddamn angry that I would quite like to rip my tits off and use them to slap author, Aric Sigman around the head with them.

This "EXPERT" suggests that to fight a "neurosis" amongst school girls over fat, teachers should get boys to tell girls what they find attractive"


Are we going to teach school girls that the only way that they can truly love themselves is by getting boys to give their physical features a thumbs up?


This idiot also says that it is very important as well that the boys are from an older year group because girls look up to them.


Dr Sigman also states that boys should tell girls that there are women who appear model-perfect visually buy are just not sext and there are girls who do not seem model material but are very attractive.

HANG ON, Dr Sigman is basically wanting us to teach our school girls that the only opinion that matters, are boys? That we need to get reassurance from boys that we are pretty? Don't worry little girls, here is a boy to tell you that you are pretty. Feel better? Oh I'm glad.

I am disgusted, absolutely disgusted by this article.

Please, I beg you, go and read the article and let me know YOUR thoughts on this. I am too angry to type straight.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Jesus wept. No. Just no.

  2. Oh my god! This is all kinds of wrong!

  3. Its wrong and simply ridiculous. The only thing we should be teaching girls is self acceptance.

  4. Fucking hell! Where do these people come from???

  5. Jesus, this 'expert' is a complete idiot! Girls dont need boys to tell them how they should look and what is attractive. Young girls need strong female role models and self confidence taught to them.

    Just cannot believe this shit!

  6. Ridic. Realistically it wouldn't have any effect anyway ... From what I know and see of young girls - the media and other females are who and what influence them and their body-image the most.

  7. OH WOE & BEHOLD the bastard is a man? What is actually wrong with society & the people that make it up. It incenses me that someone with a "DR" title is drilling this incessant shit in to CHILDRENS brains. Literally disgusted.
    Bee xxx

  8. What a massive c**t. What fucking planet is he on? I'm so bloody angry I can't even get my words out.

  9. oh my lord alive...what the holy hell is wrong with these people? That is crazy!


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