Monday, 2 March 2015

Baby, I Was Drawn This Way

I love a selfie. Only last week I wrote a post defending your right to selfie your arse off and I stand by it. However, the true meaning of the word selfie is SELF and SOME people out there, well let's put it this way.......

If some of you guys went missing, we aren't going to find you by your avi are we? There seems to be more touch ups going on than at........ (Removed by Legal Department) 

I discovered that a lot of this trickery is down to an app, allegedly (You're welcome-Legal Department) used by Kim Kardashian and thought I would give it a go. 

pink hair,  perfect 365

pink hair

I have to admit, my first thought was HOLY SHIT. Let me go and retouch every single picture that I have ever taken in the last 20 year. That thought lasted for about 20 seconds before I thought, you know what? Screw that. I have earned EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LINES. See those bags under my eyes? That's because I stayed up too late the night before, laughing and joking with my wonderful fiancĂ©. Those crows feet that the app wants to "soften"? Again, earned. Laughter, tears, childbirth, raising children, you know, EXPERIENCE. 

Why on EARTH, would I want to take those away? 
What does that leave me with, because it isn't ME, is it? 

The make up section is scary, my eyeshadow skills are in comparison to a 5 yr old with crayons and yet I would still rather do it my way than with an app, I woke up like this? More like I was drawn this way. 

pink hair,

pink hair, perfect 365

If I wanted to look like a creepy sex doll with no emotion or feelings in my face, then yes, this would be a bloody amazing thing to do, but where do you draw the line? I could easily think, "well I will just even out my skin tone here, smooth out these lines there" and before you know it, 


And ain't no-one going to put this picture on the side of a milk carton, are they? 

(Legal disclaimer, Big Fashionista cannot be held legally responsible for the freaky dreams you will undoubtedly have after reading this post-Legal Department) 

PS, once you've actually used the app, you can definitely start to see where people are using it on their pictures, ladies, gents, Kim Kardashian, let go of the apps, embrace your face. Love the skin that you are in, you earned every single wrinkle, line, bag on your face and you are BEAUTIFUL. 

Be you and embrace your individuality, I'm off to delete the app off my phone. 

What do you think, do you do a little retouching? Do you even out your skin tone for your pics or do you much rather prefer the natural look? PS, how FREAKY is that last picture. I cannot stop staring at it!!!! 

Here's one more weird one, just because. 

Sweet dreams,

Big Fashionista x x 


  1. lol I think I am rendered speechless.

    ...actually not quite what I will say is that I can't believe that these apps even exist and more to the point that they are so readily available and obviously in demand because of the bloody media!

    p.s. i've said it from the first day i started talking to you, you are GORGEOUS, and you definitely do not need touching up. Is it weird to admit that I was looking through your Facebook photos the other day thinking 'god she is so naturally beautiful'.... yeah maybe weird but I admitted my Facebook stalking right there haha

  2. Oh my actual goodness. I know of the season apps, but wouldn't touch them with a bargepole because the thought of someone seeing a picture of me, then meeting me and thinking, 'wtf, this isn't the same woman!', is too mortifying for words. And yeh, who the hell is anyone fooling? We can see the scariness a mile off. For the record, it is 01:37 and I'm up with insomnia. But there is no way I'm falling asleep now with those images in my brain!!

  3. You don't need it girl :)
    I've noticed that nothing (or next to nothing) is how it appears on social media. Shopped photos of every subject are being circulated widely across the board. A lot of photo accounts (the ones with old, classic, wow, amazing etc in their titles) use fake, wrongly attributed, altered images or used them without permission and accreditation. It's a rum do when we're so used to seeing shopped images of people in advertising and publicity shots, that we think what we have isn't good enough. For the photo accounts with fakes on Twitter we have Pic pedant, a great tweeter that exposes some of the nonsense that fills up our timeline. As for the shopped faces and bodies? Assume nothing is real and blow a raspberry in its general direction. Remember the woman with 3 tits? ;)

  4. Good grief. It's never occurred to me to touch myself up in a picture. (oo-er) But then again, I don't wear makeup, and often forget to brush my hair, so I'm probably not the target market ;)

  5. Ok, I so wish I was with you, I so wish I had the confidence to be with you on this, but now I so want to know the name of this app so I can get editing. I have to admit that I do a little editing of my avatars and photos I post. I touch up, I apply filters, I generally try to make myself look...less like myself I suppose.
    I so need therapy.

  6. We need a Buzzfeed slidey thing to be able to compare properly but HOLY SHIT that is creepy!! You are much better untouched (in the nicest possible way) and that second photo of you is AWESOME!!

  7. Omg these photos are so freaky and 'lifeless' there's no personality in them! an instagram filter is enough adjustment for me. No one is perfect and I really dislike living in a world that is making us believe we should be.


  8. With my wedding coming up very soon (did I mention I'm getting married!!) I was tempted for a nano second to invest in one of these apps that would make me look stunning in my wedding pics (honestly its gonna take more than an app to do that) but then I thought actually no. For some strange reason my other half loves THIS face, with all its oddities and its this face that he will be seeing when I walk up the isle to say I do. It would therefore be doing him a dis-service if the pics of the day showed a woman with a different face next to him.

  9. I've written this sodding comment three times now.... Bloody Blogger and iPads !!

    I've got an Oppo N1 phone which has a rather marvellous swivel camera on. When you swivel to take a selfie, it automatically goes into 'Beautify' mode. This basically is like a light Facetune...softens a few wrinkles, really it just makes you look like you've had a good day with your makeup :) I don't mind usually it to be really honest, but I don't like to use them on my blog because I feel guilty. I posted a pic on my blog the other day and wondered if peeps would think I'd photoshopped myself. I skills aren't that good.

  10. I much prefer to see the real you. I love your lines and your smile. The retouched photos look to airbrushed and they take away the "self" from the "selfie."

  11. I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to look like an emotionless, creepy sex doll. It's totally unrealistic, and also so blantant to those looking at the photos! Xx Sophie /

  12. Thanks for bringing this app (and your cleavage) to my attention. I have written my own thoughts on the matter over on my blog :-) I think every young girl should get this app!


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