Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hanging Up The Telephone

The other day, my phone made an extremely strange noise that left me puzzled. It is an iPhone 6 so my first concern was that it was broken, it didn't LOOK broken, but you know what iPhones are like, temperamental things.

But the noise continued, and continued.

It wasn't the noise of a text, or an incoming email, I was starting to get just a little agitated over the whole thing when suddenly, it hit me. (Not the phone, that would be wrong)

The phone was RINGING.

Now, it seems that someone doesn't understand the rules.

I don't know when it started but really, my phone is not for talking, I tweet, I email, I text, these are all perfectly good means of communication in the 21st century. Why on earth do people want to TALK to me?

I am not anti-social, (OK, I am, but that isn't the point here) I will have conversations all day long, but over the last few years, my preferred method of communications are ones which do not involve me actually COMMUNICATING, if you know what I mean?

As for No Caller ID calls. FORGET IT. I don't answer the phone to people I DO KNOW, what makes you think you have a chance if you hide your number? Leave me a voicemail.

Actually if you leave me a voicemail, chances are I will respond with a text or an email anyway. Just go with it, it is easier for everyone this way.

The last three missed calls on my phone are all from me anyway. Because I put my phone down and forget where it is.

Which is always kind of awkward when you find your phone and roll your eyes thinking, "Oh great, a phone call"

The only problem is when you've put your phone on silent and then lose it.

Um, has anyone seen my phone?

Who else out there uses their phone for anything other than phone calls? Am I anti-social or do you not like taking calls either?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Lol, phonecalls feel like hard work now. Friggin hate loginy phone as it's always on silent!! Xx

  2. I just get immediately irritated if someone actually calls me on my phone. Unless it's life or death, I'm not answering it.

  3. My phone is mainly for Instagram. I don't answer it unless I really have to and I don't bother listening to voicemail. I prefer carrier pigeon. ;) xx

  4. I hear ya! I hate speaking on the phone!

    Honey Go-Lightly

  5. I hate phonecalls. Constant cold calls just mean I block numbers (I have a home phone that has this) . I was recently referred to the community mental health people. All they would offer was a telephone evaluation. I told them how anxious phones made me but they wouldn't offer an alternative. After this traumatic experience all they had to offer me were pamphlets and a list of library books. No, I really don't like phonecalls.

  6. I hate speaking on the phone and never answer if I can help it!

  7. I don't like speaking on the phone at all....

  8. I never ever answer my phone, unless it's my kids school (panic), my Doctor (always need to speak to them) or maybe a very good best friend (as I'll know she'll be asking an urgent favour, otherwise she would text)... I mostly have my phone on silent as well, as I don't even LIKE hearing my phone ring, so even if one of the above rang, I would probably miss it anyway.. And have to call them back. Text me- no matter what it is.. JUST TEXT! I've gone as far as calling EE to ask for my voicemails to be turned OFF, as I don't listen to them either :-D haha, I sound nuts..

  9. I prefer not to answer too, unless I know it's something I'm waiting for and I know them, but can't we just email?

    Buckets & Spades


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