Monday, 16 March 2015

I am sad for the future of mankind

Sometimes I read something in the news that makes me feel so sick and angry that I cannot believe I have just read it.

This is one of them.

Jeering crowd urges a suicidal man to 'jump' before he plunges to his death from a multi-storey car park.

You heartless, pathetic, worthless pieces of shit.

There are no other words that I have for the people who stood around, FILMING ON THEIR MOBILES and yelling at the man to get on with it, to jump, who wondered if he would bounce.

I am sickened, absolutely sickened that people out there can do this. My heart aches for the poor man who, at that moment felt that he had no place to turn and instead of being met with love, compassion and support, was met by SCUM. 

People disgust me, they really do. I hope that the people who stood around taunting this man never, ever have to experience the loneliness or fear or depression that the deceased must have felt, or even experience such a loss in their family. I do not want anyone to feel the emotions that the deceased must have been going through at the moment he decided to end his life, but I hope that at one point in their lives they understand what they did and are truly sorry.

My stomach actually rolls with despair at the loss of any person in this world through suicide. I want to tell people that they matter, they truly matter, whether they feel it or not and that they are WORTH SAVING.

What the man should have been met with, when he thought he had no other option but to jump, was compassion and support, he should not have had people taunting him, encouraging him or filming him. THESE PEOPLE DISGUST ME. They absolutely disgust me.

I am sad for the man who died today.

and I am sad for the people who stood around and taunted him,

and I am pretty sad for mankind, if this is what we have become.

How about you?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista.



  1. people like that disgust me

  2. When did society change so much to think that any of that article is ok? I really do hope that nobody close to them is ever in that position.... Oh and to film it on their phone? Sick.

  3. Oh gosh, I can't even click on the link to read that. There is a total lack of compassion in some sections of our society. It's like those people who send videos in to "You've been framed" and think they are funny (well to be fair, if it's adults doing stupid things, sometimes they are) or film an accident and put it on YouTube. WTF is going on? I despair.

  4. You know my stance on this. Absolutely shocked to the core for the lack of compassion shown here. I feel sick that these people "jeering" this person on are roaming the streets. How are they living with themselves right now, how are the falling to sleep. I personally hold the responsible for their despicable behaviour which ultimately led to this poor mans death.
    Bee xxx

  5. This story makes me physically sick - I sincerely hope none of those things - there is no other word for them never find themselves or a member of their family in that position - It remind me a lot of the Kevin Whitrick case - it really makes me despair what's the point if we don't care or have compassion for other - I really hope that this poor soul has found the peace he was looking for and the deepest sympathy for their friends and family

  6. About half an hour after reading this I got a message from my boyfriend. Usual day to day chit chat when he mentioned his sister had been round which was unusual for a Monday. Turns out she had stopped someone committing suicide today. I don't know details but I'm so proud of her. Unlike the scum in this article.

    1. That's amazing. Whatever she does in her life from now on, she can always remember that person and how she hopefully changed their path. Xxxxxx

  7. I hope they find the wankers and find something to charge them with. Anything. Absolute cucking funts. Jesus, I hope karma does exist.

  8. Complete and utter scum, you are right. I agree with Leah, there must be something that these people can be charged with. They encouraged him to jump, how far below basic humanity have these people fallen themselves? Despicable.

  9. From what I've been reading, this isn't an isolated incident. Something I'm wondering about too is why did the police not clear off the crowd, rather than allowing them to make a circus of it. I thought we had moved on from the days when human suffering doubled as entertainment. Obviously not.

  10. oh that is beyond awful. I didn't see this in the news, but I have no words.


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