Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Interview A Stylist, ASOS & Felicity Hayward

Back in February, ASOS ran a competition called #InterviewAStylist where you had to tweet which one of the fabulous ASOS Stylists you would like to interview.

For me it was a total no-brainer,  I LOVE the style of Felicity Hayward and being the Curve stylist meant that I would get to pick her brains about what sort of things I should try.

And I won, which meant poor Felicity had to travel up to Leeds and buy me lunch while I asked her lots of questions about ASOS and her life as a Stylist.

Now Felicity is A-mazing, she has been a stylist at ASOS since last August as well as also being a model and she breezed through Leeds train station in a coat that I really wanted to steal from her, looking fantastic after sitting on the train from London for hours and proceeded in filling me on everything up and coming for ASOS Curve.

Quick selfie, it had to be done.

Another pic? Well okay.

This woman KNOWS her angles. I do not have one picture of her looking bad, EVEN THIS ONE!!!!

I tried to get her to teach me angles, it wasn't pretty, but anyway, I digress.

Firstly, you have never, ever, ever seen anyone as enthusiastic about the company that they work for, Felicity doesn't just style the clothes, she LOVES the clothes. The ASOS Curve range is one of my favourite ranges and it definitely came across in the interview just how much faith and love, Felicity has for the brand. I asked whether they could get in more basics as part of the Curve range and Felicity said that she would feed that back to the buyers, FAB WORK.

One of the first things that struck me, talking to Felicity was that she truly believes you need to love the body that you are in, there are no RULES, don't tell Felicity that you think you SHOULDN'T wear something, she will tell you to try it on and OWN IT. it was fantastic to talk to a stylist who didn't feel the need to "follow the rules" Felicity at ASOS wants you to be confident in what you are wearing, whatever your style and she knows that with the Curve range at ASOS she will be able to find something that you love.

One thing I loved was when I asked her, what SHOULD I be wearing? Her answer, WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO WEAR.

I think I fell in love with her at THAT exact moment.

I asked Felicity what she felt her job was as a stylist for ASOS and she explained to me that it was all about INSPIRING people in their clothing choices, maybe challenge themselves to try something new that they never thought they could wear, like a big sister giving encouragement. She said that she didn't feel that it was her job to SELL clothes, but rather show people the choices available to them. Felicity said that she gets a lot of feedback from people who have been inspired and I actually admitted to her that I had purchased a pair of Ridley Jeans after watching one of her videos.

PS, CHECK OUT THE JEANS, they are fabulous. ----> Ridley Jeans, ASOS

I asked Felicity about ASOS Curve and told her how I hoped it was here to stay FOREVER and she assured me that it was, it is a big part of the ASOS brand and it will get bigger and better. it is definitely here to stay. (THANK GOD)

I also asked her what she thought about bloggers, and Felicity admitted that she loved them and finds the blogging community to be a wonderfully supportive and creative place, and she has always found the Curve community to be almost like a family in their support of each other. (which is always nice to hear)

We soon got on to the topic of Social Media, Felicity LOVES Instagram and I soon found out when she tweeted a picture of us both that Instagram LOVES Felicity, (Have you seen her? It's no wonder that they love her) PS, Thanks for the followers.  You can follow Felicity on Instagram HERE, it is a great way to get a sneak peek at what fashions are going to be hitting Curve soon.

One thing that you HAVE to ask a Stylist, is what is the favourite part of your job and Felicity didn't disappoint by replying, TRYING ON THE CLOTHES.

Yep, I totally get that. It must be like having the biggest wardrobe EVER.

I loved chatting with Felicity for #InterviewAStylist it was great to meet someone who really LOVES their job and the company that they work for. It was also refreshing to see a Curve stylist not saying that you have to follow RULES, You don't have to dress thinner or wear flattering clothes. It really inspired me to try new things, I actually got a voucher to spend at ASOS and apart from having part of it torn from me by my 14 yr old daughter for clothes for her, I promised myself that I will only use it to buy things that challenge me, things that I wouldn't normally look twice at.

So far I have bought some Bardot-style tops and am currently eyeing up a fab jump suit that I may give a go.

Thank you so much to ASOS & Felicity for giving me the chance to Interview A Stylist, I loved it.

I'm off to shop. xxxxxx

What would you want to ask Felicity if you were given the chance? Do you shop at ASOS Curve, seen anything that you think I should try?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. This is an amazing read. I love how natural you have made this. She seems like such a fun character. I will definitely be switching my style up!! Oh and well done for winning 😆😆


  2. She sounds like an absolute doll! I definitely agree with wearing whatever you want, it's all about what makes you feel good, not following the rules some fashion snob made up!

    Tara x

  3. I love Felicity, I don't know how I came across her but I've been following her on Instagram for a good while. She's one of my style icons, girl-crush, massive hair-envy...I am thin, with a small frame, but I am in awe of how this woman looks and talks. She's someone to follow for daily inspiration, no matter your body type. She's amazing. I also love to follow her because her followers are lovely, I can not "unsee" comments on social media, I am stupidly drawn to them, it's so refreshing to read nothing but positive comments. I am not ashamed to admit how jealous I was when I saw on her account that she was heading to Leeds to talk to you :) Well done Kellie x

  4. Oh I love her! She's so gorgeous. I came across her randomly on IG a few months ago and i've been obsessed ever since!

  5. What wise words from Felicity, she's right, it's definitley about owning it! I love hearing of women having such self confidence. It sounds like you two had a fabulous time. And I'm liking the sound of the Bardot tops and you should definitely go for that jump suit! =D



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