Thursday, 12 March 2015

It's All In The Name

As I perused the internet the other night, searching for the perfect pair of high heels once again, (They are out there, I know they are) I came across an article warning that the death of the name, Gary is imminent.

This is quite sad, when there are hundreds of twattish names out there, why is it Gary that is coming to an end? I have a list of names that should probably die out first and Gary isn't at the top of it.

Although, personally I'm a little scared. My name is Kellie and I don't think I ever hear of children being called Kellie/Kelly any more. (Although as a child, I would have happily swapped my name with anyone, I hated it so much) When I am in the school playground I never hear mothers or fathers calling out to their darling little daughter Kellie,

"Kellie, stop punching your school friend"

"Kellie, please don't do that in public"

"Kellie, get that out of your nose"


Yes, this is me. Yes, we had cameras when I was a child.

But what if MY name dies out and I become the person with the unusual name? I introduce myself to people and they say to me, "Your parents named you WHAT?" before giving me a part sympathetic, part disgusted glance and are unable to maintain eye contact for more than 3 seconds. Celebrities in the year 2020 call their child Kellie JUST to get column inches and Katie Hopkins goes on record to say how we need to get back to old-fashioned names like Kellie. (changes name to Moonbeam)

I'm not saying everyone should have my name, It's MY name, I like it. But when did the unusual names become the usual names and the bod standard names like Kellie and Gary become old-fashioned?

Is it the sign of the times? Will other names die out?

What is your name? Do you think you have an unusual name for 2015, like Bob or something.

Let me know

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  1. I was only telling my friends about the plight of Gary tonight and we couldn't think of any Gary's under 30. It's sad but I think it's natural progression of language I'm sure there's lots of names that have died out unfortunately. Not sure how I'd feel if it was my name but pretty sure Lucy has been in the top twenty for girls for about 20 years! Also surely there's Gary carried on in middle names? X


  2. I have a complete and utter loathing of 'new' names. Some I hear are more akin to sounds than names. I find it odd that anyone would give their child a name which sounds fairly traditional, but insist on a spelling that includes several extraneous vowels making it look like a sneeze. Mind you, Onomatopoeia sounds like an Overheard in Waitrose name. There were a few Amandas around as a child, probably none now. I like it but would happily punch anyone who calls me Mandy. It's the assumption (rarely am I asked) that I want to shorten it. No I bloody don't! I have a name, use it! A good indicator of popularity are personalised pens, mugs and so on. Haven't seen my name on anything like that for years :)

  3. I like both modern and traditional names: My daughter is called Savannah but if we had had a boy he would have been Zachery which is traditional. My name is Nicki (well Nicola) and I grew up around lots of other Nicola's, my name was common as was Kerry/Kerri, Kayleigh and Keeley. I think names follow trends as well as anything else and weird or quirky names is the current trend and it will probably phase out. I am sad about the name Gary though! My step dads called Gary. poor Gazza. X x

  4. I have one of those names 'Tracey' It is as common as muck for women in their 40's and 50's. So much so that in most places I have worked all the Traceys were known by their surnames. However i would be very hard pressed to name a single under 30 yr old with my name. In the boy stakes I think David (Dave) and Andrew (Andy) are the equivalents.

  5. I know a baby Gary!! I don't think anyone names their child Sharon's one of those 80s tracksuit/scrunchie names :( I see a lot of Emily/Emma/Ava and Jack/Jake/Harry around but I never knew anyone with those names when I was younger. I have a Shane, Edward and Darren, I don't think they're common names now either

  6. Having an unusual or not as common name isn't always so bad, if someone calls your name you know it's definitely you! However I don't think I've -ever- met someone else with the name Frances, so I have no idea what people think of it when I tell them! But actually my whole name is funky, complete with a double barreled last name, and quite often I do wish I could swap names for a day or two! I like a mixture or new and 'old fashioned' names, I think some names suit people better than others :)

    Frankie x

  7. I've only met a handful of people with my name, Marianne. And never, ever spelled like mine. I used to hate it but it's not so bad now ;-)

  8. I've only ever known one person with my name Stefanie and she was in the year above me at school, bit of a bully from what I heard and spelled it the traditional Stephanie. I'm not a huge fan of my name because whether I want them to or not people always shorten it to Stef. There are a couple of people at work who leave it long but one was a guy who left and the girls are Polish so they may not understand the British culture around nicknames.

  9. Haha great post! I'm Dannielle with two Ns and noone gets it right! Its not too unusual but I don't hear of many babies called Dannielle!

  10. My mum called me Olivia because when I was born it was unusual, now we're everywhere, taking over the damn world!


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