Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Jeremy Clarksgone

So Jeremy Clarkson has not had his contract renewed?

Is that BBC speak for, he's been fired but we really don't want to make this any messier than it already is? It is kind of a cop out isn't it? There will always be people saying, "well he wasn't FIRED"

Sorry, but he punched someone, there has to be a consequence to this action. You cannot go around punching someone and then get away with it.

It isn't even about someone being a role model. If you hold Jeremy Clarkson as a role model then you have more problems than JC's contract not being renewed.

What I don't understand, are the people who are defending him. Katie Hopkins, I understand, she is a contrary cunt so will go against popular opinion just to get herself airtime. Louise Mensch? Let's not even go there, and various people on twitter, including someone who told me that the BBC are hypocritical because they let Saville get away with abuse on their property.

I know, right?

It is SIMPLE, I do not care who you are, YOU CANNOT HIT PEOPLE WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES, yes, you can be sorry afterwards, you can even report it to your boss yourself, but there will, and always should be, a consequence to your actions.

Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson thought he would get away with it because of lack of consequences in the past.

This time, no.

Sorry Top Gear fans, I guess it is the end of the road for Clarkson.

What do you think, Should Clarkson have been fired instead of just not having his contract renewed? Or do you think that it is an excessive consequence?

Let me know

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  1. When you look back over the years, his 'comedy' bigotry, racial slurs, general fuckwitted twattery, why did the BBC take so long? I could see this coming because when you've been elevated to be more important than decency, things escalate. And all those grumping over it? They'd be the first one to bump their gums to management if somebody remotely looked at them in a funny way in the workplace, let alone used violence.
    Then again, maybe it's part of a plan to work elsewhere for even more money, whilst leaving in the glare of publicity, ready for new projects. Just a thought.

  2. He was at work, and he hit someone. If I was at work in a bank or an office or a shop, and I hit someone, I would be fired. Regardless of how good I was at my job, how much money I could bring in, whatever. It's a sackable offence in all jobs, and just because he's on telly it shouldn't be an exception.
    I would hazard a guess that perhaps it was easier in terms of "not getting sued" for them to just not renew his contract or something. I just hope they don't still let him present HIGNFY or anything as that would defeat the object!

  3. I completely agree with this post and the comments. People that are defending him annoy me. You should not be able to go up to somebody and punch them, no matter who you are or who they are. x

  4. I completely agree with you and it's pissing me off that so many of my friends are defending him and going BAD MOVE BBC as well, why should he get away with this?

  5. Ugh. I can't stand this prat. I feel it's been long overdue. I can'st stand the racist git!

  6. They should absolutely have fired him, he's lucky the guy he hit isn't pushing the legal action, I would!


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