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JUST EAT - Takeaway review

Saturday night is family night here, we all sit around with a takeaway and watch TV, have a takeaway and then play a game. A card game, Monopoly, or Uno. (Side note, never play Monopoly with my 8yr old, she will leave you penniless and without a home, one day she will make a great Prime Minister)

Recently I was asked by JUST EAT if I would like to review their service, let me think about that for a sec........thought about it. YES PLEASE.

Finding the Tried and Tasted section really helped me out, we are creatures of habit, we usually order from the same place each week and, luckily for us, our favourite take-away is on the JUST EAT website which gave us a great opportunity to see whether there was a difference in the service or quality to our usual order, Seeing the reviews online also helped, the highest quality restaurants on the website have to have more than 100 online reviews with an average rating of 4.5 or above.

There is also something new for 2105, this year, JUST EAT has introduced a new consistency award so look out to see whether your takeaway has this award, it recognises the top 20 from establishments who have achieved Tried & Tasted for four years in a row.

I love the idea that restaurants have something to aspire to like this.

We quickly created an account on JUST EAT, which took just seconds to do, and then got completely distracted by all the different take-away restaurants signed up to the website, we had a little wobble about whether we should try something new or not but in the end I stamped my foot and made an executive decision that this time we stick to our local take-away and NEXT time, try something different because we now have an account. (I win, I don't like to lose)

If you haven't ordered from JUST EAT before, and if you are like me, don't like to talk on the phone, then the website is a superb way to order. Usually there are 5 of us, all shouting over each other on the telephone, confusing the guy taking the order, changing our order halfway through and basically creating merry havoc. (That isn't just us, right? There is always someone who changes what they want, the minute you order it, isn't there?)


food order, big fashionista

"Well that's my order done, does anyone else want anything? "

The ordering process was simple, we could scroll through the menu, add what we wanted and at the end there was even a box to add extra instructions. (Less cheese, no green peppers on pizza)

The order was taken and instantly I received a confirmation email. BOOM, Sit back, watch The Voice and hide the Monopoly.

Half an hour later, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

burger, big fashionista

onion rings, big fashionista

Yes, there is an egg in my burger, and WHAT?

Now before yesterday I had NEVER used the JUST EAT website to order a take away before. I was given the opportunity to do a review and I can genuinely say that from now on, I will be ordering this way. The ease of ordering, the simplicity of the site and the choice of restaurants has really swayed me. I hate talking on the phone anyway, so just being able to power up the Mac and order food for five people with ease makes it the best option for me.

You can check out the JUST EAT website here.

and the front page looks like this

so it is easy to find not only your favourite take away but its a great way to discover new ones.

Do you use Just Eat? Or would you be interested in trying it after reading this?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

*Disclaimer, A voucher was sent to me to try out JUST EAT for the first time, my words are all my own.



  1. Just Eat fucked up my orders so often over a sustained period of time (incomplete orders sent to takeaways, orders only sent to supplies AFTER the delivery time had passed, double-charging etc) a few years ago - and then only offered me "points" as "compensation", instead of refunds - that I have refused to use them EVER again. I found their customer services to be both rude and useless when things went wrong, to boot.

    We've been exclusive customers of Hungry House ever since - they have an app, so I don't even have to break out the laptop - and have found their customer service second to none when the takeaways occasionally mess up their end.

    Sorry, but Just Eat has a MASSIVE thumbs down from me!

  2. I am a huge fan of Just Eat and I even have the app on my phone so can order wherever I am! I must admit we tend to use the same Chinese takeaway most of the time and on the odd occasion when it has been late I found the live chat service really helpful. I find it much better then ordering by phone and having tried Hungry House whose website was useless and their customer service appalling I have stuck with Just Eat! x

  3. Given the lack of local choice on Just Eat, I've only used the for one restaurant (which doesn't do direct online ordering); they have been very good, but might be that curry house specifically.

  4. I've just used Just Eat to order our takeaway for tonight haha! I love Just Eat, we don't usually have any issues but if we have in the past they've got it sorted out pretty quickly. No complaints here! xx

  5. we use just mainly because it means you can pay by card. Never had a problem with them.

  6. Never used them but upon looking at what places are available near me, i realise you can't order from the single most popular pizza bar in my town so I'll probably give this a miss for pizza but I'd probably use it for indian. I can imagine it being a bit weird although far easier than trying to make sure someone has understood your order on the phone!

  7. I'm like you - I hate using the phone! That on top of rarely having any sensible amount of cash on my means that being able to order online and pay with card means Just Eat is definitely a favourite of mine! Though we tend to just order the same things from the same place too....


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