Monday, 23 March 2015

Play it on repeat

You know when you love a song?

I mean REALLLLLLLLLY LOVE a song, you love it so hard that you play it on repeat, you add it to your Spotify playlists, it jumps to the top of your iTunes most played list, you have it on your phone, your computer, you even have the video on Youtube which you play (every time you have wifi) it SPEAKS TO YOU, you jump up and down when it is played on the radio because it is your JAM.

Then suddenly, without warning, you are bored to DEATH of the song and if you hear it once more you will rip off your ears and stuff the bloody flesh into the holes you created.

Just me?

Remember The Two Princes, By The Spin Doctors? (waits for most of my readers to say, WHO?)

How about Bryan Adams?  Everything I Do, I Do It For You? (Do you Bryan? Then STFU, I beg you)

I'm sorry to say that I am beginning to do the same with Uptown Funk. Sorry, Bruno, I love ya and all that but there are so many times I can hear this song played without wanting to go on a rampage, and I think I reached that point about a month ago. MOVE ON, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MOVE ON.

I don't think it's even my fault, I blame the radio stations, the music video channels, (Not MTV, they don't even play music anymore. What is with that?) Every third bloody song is the SAME ONE. I sit there and think, "Didn't you just play this" Arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

"I said, Uptown funky walk, Uptown FUCKKKKKKKKK OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"

Right, Sorry Bruno, I am sticking you in the draw with All About That Bass.

(I still cannot listen to, I Will Always Love you, by Whitney Houston. TOOOOOOO MANY TIMES this song was played. I am SCARRED by it, I tell you.

Am I alone in feeling this way about songs?

What song makes you instantly switch off, or has done in the past?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Every single song I thoroughly enjoy gets played to the point that hearing it again makes my ears bleed. WHY must they do this to people!!!

  2. I TOTALLY HEAR YA!!! I have been in the car this weekend with Mr C & EVERYTIME we have gotten in the car it's that bloody whiny "love me like you do" song by Ellie Goulding. It makes me want to rip my ears off! But to be fair I didn't like it in the first place, but still, radios start playing more varied music!!!!
    Bee xxx

  3. Gotta be the blurred lines one!!! And the video!!! Jeeeeeez x

  4. Hell to the yeah! I bloody love uptown funk too but fortunately it's been saved for me by the fact that I never listen to the radio any more so I don't get the ad nauseum that I would have got a few years back when the radio was on at work.
    I cannot listen to Brian Adams or Whitney Houston due to the ear bleed of 5,000 weeks at number one. Argh!

  5. Yep! I can't listen to that Bryan Adams one either or Love is All Around. Also hate our first dance song from the wedding because my husband overplayed it for the guts of a month, haven't listened to it since (Journey - Faithfully). Loved Blank Space by Taylor Swift and Take Me To Church by Hozier and Levels by Avicii and Bang Bang by Jessie J/Nicki/Ariana and can not listen to any of them anymore, deleted them all off my phone

  6. Thanks for putting bloody Bryan Adams in my head. I hope you enjoy this comment :p

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  7. "Coz I'm happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..." GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *headbutts wall*

  8. Capital FM makes me want to tear my ears off and stamp on them vigorously until I pass out from exhaustion. I don't even know the names of the four songs that are on constant repeat but if I ever hear them away from the office (as most people have it on all day, every day), I throw a bit of a strop.


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