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Roast & Conch at Hotel Chocolat Review

"Would you like to come and have a meal at Roast & Conch? We ca..............."


I think it is safe to say that I love chocolate, I also love food, If you find a way of combining both, then you will have my business until the day I die. Dramatic? Then you have yet to experience a meal at Roast & Conch.

With three restaurants, one in St Lucia, one in London and the flagship restaurant in Leeds, Roast & Conch has quickly established itself as an award-winning style of restaurant that not only feeds your stomach, but your soul as well.

I attended a meal as part of a fabulous blogger get-together, which not only included a meal but a lesson on chocolate, teaching us to take the time to savour the chocolate and experience the different flavours depending on where the bean was grown, what it is mixed with and the % of cacao.

Since the talk, I have started to think of chocolate in the same term as wine and perfume, there are different notes and tastes. People can smell and taste different things in chocolate. Much like wine and perfume, chocolate is an intensely personal preference.

roast and conch Leeds

roast and conch Leeds

I have only previously tried a taster menu at Roast & Conch so I was extremely excited to try their menu. Whilst everything contains cacao in some form or another, it serves to enhance the flavours of the freshly cooked meal, if you are expecting everything to be covered in chocolate, you will be disappointed. If you expect your taste buds to experience a multitude of food-induced orgasms, then pull up a chair, Roast & Conch is everything you have been waiting for and more.

roast and conch Leeds

roast and conch Leeds

roast and conch Leeds

roast and conch Leeds, mac and cheese

Everything I ate was cooked to perfection. I had a starter of sour dough bread with dips of nib butter, cacao pesto and cacao balsamic, and my main dish was mac and cheese in a cacao nib pastry.

Nothing was overpoweringly chocolatey. Instead, I found that everything tasted just a little fresher, cleaner and with depth that I do not usually find in a meal. Again, the only way that I can describe it is in comparison to wine, everything I ate had different notes and each bite brought me something different.

Surprisingly, I was unable to eat dessert as I was so pleasantly full from a starter and main meal. We were treated to chocolates instead, however. I am a big fan of Hotel Chocolat chocolate, I find that I would rather buy a higher quality chocolate these days than a cheap bar from a local shop, much tastier and without the aftertaste.

roast and conch Leeds, chocolate

No visit to Roast & Conch is complete without a cocktail. Again, we were treated to a masterclass, this time in cocktail making and with the Caribbean influences of Roast & Conch, a rum based cocktail was essential tasting.

roast and conch Leeds, rum

roast and conch Leeds, cocktails

I am extremely lucky that I live very close to this restaurant in Leeds. It is most definitely on the list of restaurants I will be visiting again. If you live down south, you have Rabot 1745, at Borough Market. If you live somewhere in-between, I highly recommend making a trip to visit one of these restaurants.

Have you been to one of the Hotel Chocolat restaurants before? Have I tempted you to pay a visit? Who is now starving?

Let me know.

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  1. gahhh this looks amazing!!! Never been to a Hotel Chocolat restaurant before but this one's in Leeds so how very handy :-D

  2. Wow, literally looks amazing and I am almost dribbling down the screen x

  3. Your photos are fantastic Kellie! Xx


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