Monday, 30 March 2015

Save it for Best

Am I alone in not believing in the saying, "Saving it for best"?

That beautiful creamy soft leather jacket that you keep in the wardrobe and only get out occasionally because you are "saving it for best"


Sorry, but I am really not one for doing that, AT ALL.

A beautiful handbag that sits in the corner, possibly in a little dust jacket and you barely use it, even though every time you do, you enjoy the compliments you receive, you remember how happy the bag makes you feel and you think about possibly using it more often, well you would, but it's for best.


How many ladies out there have jewellery that you wear very rarely? Those beautiful earrings, that were maybe your mothers, or grandmothers favourite. Occasionally you take them out and wear them, they sparkle and you love them.

But they are for b...... Oh, you know where I am going with this one.

I have all of these things, do I save them for best?

No, I don't. I treat them with love and respect but I use them, I enjoy them. If something makes me feel happy, why would I ration that?

And some people may say, that the only reason some things DO feel special is because you use them sparingly, I disagree. Anything that makes me smile, or makes me feel confident, or comfortable, cannot be diluted by using more often.

In fact by using them more often, I add to the story behind the items, I give them more history and memories that will also make me smile the next time I get them out to wear, use, carry.

My mother always said that if you save something for best, you never know. The next time you end up wearing it, may be in your coffin. You may not GET the chance to wear it and enjoy it.

(My mother is a very wise woman)

Take a look around today, what do you save for "best" and why? Can you use it, wear it, carry it, today? Give it a go.

Who says that today isn't the BEST day to wear it anyway?

Let me know,

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. As someone who will always wear cashmere if it is there/suitable for the weather (which in Scotland is at least 50% of the year), I certainly don't save cashmere for best!

  2. I completely agree! I have jewelery that my friends will say they'd be too scared to wear as it's expensive or sentimental but what's the point in having it if it sits in a box! Also... why shouldn't you be at your best all of the time?! xx

  3. I love your rants! I do keep some things like that though, just so I have something for really special occasions. But I think you're right, why NOT feel good every day? This is how I feel about food haha. If I can afford all the nice food then I will. So what if steak is meant to be a special meal? If I bloody want it, that's what I am gonna have. Haha!



  4. Very wise words. I shall try to wear the stuff I'm saving for best more often!

  5. I definitely don't wear my nice things enough. My clothes and jewellery because I'm usually at work in uniform (retail >.<) and don't go out much otherwise but I do try and wear my nicer stuff to places like the cinema. I also have a bag that I haven't used as much as I think I should. A leather satchel, I feel like I might damage it and at work I don't have a locker to protect it so I tend to wear it more when out shopping - which isn't often XD

  6. Totally agree! Problem with me is, if I wear things that are beautiful and all things lovely, I end up losing them! So I do have a few bits of expensive/sentimental jewellery I keep to one side but generally if I buy something new and pretty, I can't wait to wear it and show it off!!

    Too right, screw it! Flaunt it.

  7. Ha! This is totally me! I have makeup, jewellery, clothes, shoes and bags that I keep for occasions and going out... just one problem there isn't there... I don't go out HAHAHA so I should maybe use them for the craic a little more!

  8. Oh my god yes. I never save anything for best because I rarely do anything that exciting and fancy that I would get a chance to wear it. I wear all my jewellery every day and it makes me smile.
    Beth x
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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