Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Smoky Poppy at The Body Shop

Recently I attended a skincare event at The Body Shop in The White Rose, Leeds. One of my favourite items of skincare was the Camomile Cleansing Butter, which I talk about here.
Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review

But while I was at the event, my attention was grabbed by the new Smoky Poppy range, in fact my attention was grabbed so much, I ended up purchasing a big gift box of products.

Gift set smokey poppy, Big Fashionista

The smell of the Smoky Poppy range, I absolutely adore. For ME it is perfect, I have asked various people to smell it and opinion is quite divided on whether they love it or hate it but for me it is a WINNER. Spicy, rich and yes smoky, this is quite a heavy scent that some people may not feel comfortable wearing, or will save for an evening out only.

Big Fashionista, eau de toilette

The gift set I purchased contained, the eau de toilette, shower gel, body butter, body scrub and a flower. (Nope, I'm not sure either, but it photographs well) Other items in the range that were not included are a body lotion, bath bombs and a massage oil (ooooo-errrrrrrrr, missus)

Big Fashionista, Shower gel

I love the Shower Gel because it is black and it genuinely appeals to my inner 15 yr old goth self. Black Shower gel? Hell yes, who doesn't want black shower gel that smells good?

Body Butter, Big Fashionista

The body scrub contains real poppy seeds. I found the scrub not to be too abrasive and harsh, the seeds themselves were quite round and gentle and as I used the scrub I didn't feel as if it was doing a good job of exfoliating my skin, but afterwards my skin felt incredibly soft with no dry patches left at at.

Body Butter, Big fashionista

Do I even need to discuss The Body Shop Body Butters? We all know that they are good, I have yet to meet a Body Shop Body Butter that I don't like. This one is fantastic because I use it once I get out the shower having used the shower gel and body scrub and I feel like a real grown up for "layering my scents" BOOM. LIFE GOALS ACHIEVED.

big fashionista,

I am really happy that I bought this set, plus I do the the hat box style box that it came in. This set was £35 and you can purchase items separately.

I love The Body Shop for all the money off, offers they are doing lately, I can usually get a discount via my O2 Priority app as well. TODAY, my app shows that I can get 30% off in-store.

Have you tried the Smoky Poppy range yet? Do you agree with my review here?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista


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