Thursday, 5 March 2015

Stick it up your.......

Ok, the selfie has gone TOO FAR. Toooooo far. The latest selfie accessory that you apparently need in your life is the vagina selfie stick.

My first thought was, what cunt thought of that?"

My second thought was, I should buy one, the next person to send me an unsolicited dick pic is going to get the shock of his life. Mwahahahahahahaha.

See, I'm not sure of this one, this to me is a step too far. And while I am all for loving your own vagina, and tending to your own lady garden, there are some things that only your gynaecologist needs to see.

Oh and apparently you can FaceTime "someone special" to share your special moments with them......

"OH GOD MUM I AM SO SORRY, wrong number"

I'm also worried about connection issues,  "sorry babe, I'm losing you, I'm just going into a tunnel" 

So whilst I am all for selfies, this for me is just a step too far. 

And then what happens if people decide to use the app, Perfect 365 on their vagina selfies? 


Vagina selfies, yay or nay?

Let me know 



  1. My first instinct was to check the date..... but no, it's not April 1st yet..... My second was to think "But isn't it a bit dark in there? Where's the flash?"

    Now, having a pop up flash gun would make it into a whole new experience.

    1. I want to know if it vibrates when someone face times you.

  2. I'm actually speechless. Why is this necessary? WHO WOULD WANT TO USE IT?!

  3. Haaaaaa...... wait till it comes with a selfie stick.... not too sure I want to be seeing those shots in Instagram!

    1. There are already enough cunts on Instagram.

  4. I think all I have to say is "ewww" that's nasty.

  5. Your posts are HILARIOUS! But yes I think this is a bit much, I mean I love a good selfie haha

  6. Surely it can't be facetime... must be vaginatime!

    Rach //

  7. I ... I can't ... Just no! It's a bit much really. Although for equal opportunity it could be used in any orifice. My brain feels dirty, I need brain bleach.....

  8. What
    Why, just why?

  9. It's a matter of time, isn't it. Before I see the inside of Kim Kardashian's vagina.

  10. Oooh imagine that on a smear check up

  11. to paraphrase the Irish with this wonderful turn of phrase:
    I would in me HOLE
    (which means "no bloody way mate)

  12. No words. Although I have had a giggle at some of these comments. Just why?

  13. 'did you come up with any new ideas at the office today hunny?'
    'Yeah we invented this really cool thing called the vagina stick, I think it'll be really popular'

    It scares me to think that there is actually a person out there like that

  14. ROFL! Oh dear lord, I really have seen it all now!
    Definitely a selfie stick too far!


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