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The Body Shop, Fuji Green Tea product review

Coming soon to The Body Shop is a new collection of products that has so far entranced me with its beautiful Green Tea infused scent. The new range, hitting the stores shortly is the Fuji Green Tea collection and whilst usually I am more of a coffee girl, this range smells light and fresh, perfect for Spring. Infused with Green Tea handpicked from the Mount Fuji region of Japan,

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From the obligatory Body Butter,

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to a cute metal tea caddy containing a Bath Tea that you use in your bath with the infuser.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection big fashionista

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection big fashionista

The range has a distinctive fresh smell to it, the cleanness of the green tea cuts through any underlying scent and gives a light, spring feeling to the range. The bath tea diffuses easily into the running water, (Don't drink it, although I have been told that the tea picked is of the highest quality, but yeah, don't drink the bathwater) and as always, the body butter helps you to keep the scent constant with layering as well as locking in moisture. I never feel I have to review the quality of The Body Shop Body Butters because we all KNOW how good they are.

The exfoliant, I found a little gloopy (It's a word, honest) and I managed to drop quite a bit in the shower while using it before changing my tactics to only using a small bit at a time, which was all that I needed anyway. (Waste not, want not)

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection big fashionista

Just in case you are worried, you won't smell like a teabag. The Green Tea scent is, as I mentioned before, distinctive but in an intricate way. If you like your fragrances to be not your run-of-the-mill cheap perfume but instead, classy and individual, you will love this range.

Fragrance notes include Green Tea, Bergomot, Mandarin, Camellia, Jasmine and Violet.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection, big fashionista

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection, big fashionista

Other items included in this new range are a Body Sorbet, a Soap, Cologne and Body Wash.

This collection will be in store and online at shortly,

Would you use the Fuji Green Tea collection?

Let me know

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  1. Ooooh this range sounds wonderful :) I like the idea of the giant infuser for the bath! Haha. I definitely want to try out the bath tea and the exfoliant (Body Shop exfoliants are always amazing!) so I may just have to put this on next month's beauty supplies shopping list.
    Miss Pond | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. It all looks gorgeous! Great photos! Definitely need to be trying all of the above xx

  3. This sounds amazing - I want it ALL!

  4. This sounds so amazing! I'm a big fan of green tea and using it as part of a skincare regime! I cannot wait to try the bath tea! Amazing review



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