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The secret life of brightly coloured dyed hair.

So you want brightly coloured hair?

Possibly like this?

big fashionista, bright hair,

Did you also want white towels?

Because you can pick ONE of these, and that's it. There is no way you can have both.

Whilst we can all look at pictures of women and men with brightly dyed hair and want to have our hair this way, let me tell you. It is no picnic. For the last 16 months, I have had my hair every colour that you can possibly imagine. I am going let you in on the struggles I face on a daily basis. The things NO-ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT.

Firstly, we all know that the application of red hair dye can result in your bathroom looking as if you have committed a murder. If you have dyed your hair blue, your bathroom looks as if you have wanked off a Smurf, for months. It is a hard one to explain. Trust me on this.

So now you have blue hair, congratulations. Please be prepared to be rushed to the hospital at a moments notice because now, you also have blue skin, and blue fingernails. Well done, you may look dead, but you have fantastic hair and that is all that matters. Once you have started on the journey of brightly coloured hair, you will learn a few hacks, one of which is constantly wear nail varnish to cover the stains on your bare nails.

big fashionista

(And I may sound like your mother here, but don't forget to scrub your neck every now and then. A blue neck is not attractive, Ever) 

"Do you have a clean towel" Once you have started to dye your hair, these words will strike you with horror, YOU HAVE NO towels that are not now stained. Oh yes you start out with good intentions, you will use just ONE towel on your hair, and no, you will never use your white towels on your hair.

Buy dark towels, it's just kinder to everyone that way. 

The same goes for your pretty duvet sets that are all white and floral and pretty, RUINED, THEY ARE NOW RUINED AND NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME AGAIN. If you are staying at someone else's house, you spend the night hoping that your hair isn't wet or you don't sweat in the night and leave a stain on their Egyptian cotton pillow cases. NEWSFLASH, you will.

Buy a dark duvet set, and carry around a black pillow case in case of sleepovers. 

Do you rent your property? Bye bye security deposit. hair dye gets EVERYWHERE. Green looks like mould. We've covered blue and Red will have your landlord calling the police just in case. GROUTING is not your friend. it holds hair colour like a best friend holds secrets, ETERNALLY.

Always bleach your bathroom, think WWDD, What would Dexter do. 

You know that favourite shampoo of yours? The one that makes your hair smell nice, yep, the Australian one, BIN IT NOW. Within two months of having brightly dyed hair you will realise that there are shampoos out there that are purely put on the shelves to taunt you as YOU CANNOT use them, they make the colour slide off your hair like a small child on a greasy slide and your hair fades faster than an ex member of TOWIE. SAD TIMES. Fading is the mortal enemy of people with brightly coloured hair and we search for that elusive hair dye that keeps the colour bright and shiny for longer than two weeks, does it exist? Who knows, but we continue to search for it and in the meantime, shampoos that strip colour are EVIL. ABSOLUTELY EVIL.

It is also interesting to note that, when you have messed up the colour and you actually WANT to strip the colour out, that the aforementioned evil stripping shampoo has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT at all.

Find a good shampoo that doesn't strip your hair, buy in bulk.

Now I love having brightly coloured hair, but even I get fed up of the upkeep and the stains, and being worried that if it rains I will have colour running down my face, and showering with dyed hair is HELL. absolutely hell. The first time I showered after dyeing my hair red, I forgot and just for a second, thought it was blood. SCARED was not the word. Cerise is fun, I end up with pink water, my inner teen goth gets elbowed out of the way by my inner princess and I squeal at the pretty water, Red water? Not so much fun.

Don't get me wrong, the pay off is EXTREMELY worth it, I hope that these tips help you enjoy having brightly coloured hair, If you have brightly coloured hair, feel free to share YOUR tips to living with dyed hair in the comments below, or if you have any questions.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I had no idea it can be so hard. It was funny to read :)

  2. Dear lord woman! Is there a color you can't pull off?!
    I know these struggles well and as a hairdresser I've had the chance to work with just about every color on the semi perm spectrum and I can honestly say there isn't a single color that doesn't come with a massive upkeep! But as you say, it's all totally worth it.
    It's made me miss my pink hair so much!

    Becca xxx

  3. I love all your hair colours...
    I had mine bright red last year and it looked like someone had been murdered after I had All my towels are ruined too. Oops x

  4. Black towels, black bedding, vinyl body suit and vaseline *nods* OK time to dye my hair :D

  5. The morning after pillowcase a sight to be seen or not as my case may be.

  6. I wish I had the guts for hair like yours! I'm such a chicken

  7. Haha I can relate to this so much! I've gone through tons of hair colours too. Towels and duvets set are a nightmare so I bought black ones but haven't had any bright colours for about 2 years now.

    I did get blue hair dye on someone elses wardrobe in uni accommodation but since they probably never suspected it was hair dye and found it nowhere else, it wasn't taken off anyone's deposit (luckily!).

    I think we're quite similar in suiting every colour we dye our hair which is a very fortunate thing for people who love hair dye.

    Best tip is probably to buy super thin gloves for dying and basically buy a whole dying outfit and towel area from Primark or something. And maybe I should stay away from wooden wardrobes..

    Laura x

  8. Still laughing at "wanking off a smurf" - but my god you can rock any colour! I make enough of a mess with my dinner, I think I'd be shot if I started dying my hair bright colours. Everywhere. I know this already. It would be everywhere.

  9. Such amazing colours but my god I could not live with that maintenance. I stopped dying my hair red 5 years ago cause I was fed up of staining the swimming pool red every time I topped up my roots!

    C xx

  10. I'm sitting at my work desk laughing away to myself...while covering my neck and recently painted mint green nails that have developed a purple tinge topcoat thanks to my hair.

    I tried a few weeks ago to go back to a "normal" shade but after so long it's just really not me. My OH has accepted we'll never have a crisp white bathroom or bedcovers and I own enough latex gloves to last me a year.
    Great post :) EyelinerFlicks

  11. Can I just be as sassy as you please?

  12. You really suit green a lot! Thanks for sharing this post, i can't believe i missed this one!

    Much love x


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