Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The things we do for blogging

"The things we do for our blog"

This was what I was thinking on Sunday, (Mother's Day, may I add. The day I wanted to spend IN BED) as I came back from my local park, covered head to toe in MUD, clutching a giant chocolate bunny, several plastic easter eggs and any dignity that I once had in a carrier bag, (That post will be up this afternoon and I swear to you right now, you give that post some love and affection or I will hunt you all down) smiling because I GOT THE SHOT.

At once stage in my local park, I was flat on my stomach, positioning a giant chocolate bunny in some heather whilst scattering fluffy chicks around it, keeping one eye on a Jack Russell that looked as if he couldn't decide whether to go for my arse or the rabbit. (hmmmmmmm, that will make one hell of a Google search sentence won't it?) whilst keeping an eye out for bees. This was then followed swiftly by three pensioners all asking if I was "okay down there?" Which was followed by two women with buggies asking if I was okay, followed by a small child asking what I was doing on the ground.

Public parks, wouldn't they be nice if they weren't so full of people?

I fell over quite dramatically in a pile of crocuses, knelt in something very suspicious that I really don't want to think too much about, and took many, many, many pictures like this.


I cannot be the only one who has had a total nightmare all for a blog post, can I?

Bloggers, share with me your blogging hell? Have you ever said, "The things we do for our blog"

Let me know what happened so I can feel less alone. (I won't laugh, I promise)

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Ok, so I don't have anything quite as dramatic as kneeling in suspect substances in the park, but I did recently do a last-minute guest post on Mummy's Got Style, which involved a totally unnecessary mission to the shops to buy clothes I didn't (and didn't use!). Then once I'd finally settled on a look, I had a monumental to-do with my camera. It was (still is) a newcamera, and I couldn't get it to work on self-timer. I spent about 40 minutes shouting and swearing at the camera, CRYING at the camera and sweating profusely as I watched the daylight rapidly disappearing. In the end, I had to direct my dad to take some of the (not the ones of my cleavage!), and it was fine. I did look a little angry in some of those shots, but I think that my husband is the only one who could tell...

    1. The amount of times I have thrown tantrums over my pictures just isn't funny. I am constantly whinging and I have been know to go, "Who is that? That's not me, who's that moose?"

  2. Waaaa hahaha! Taking photos in public is super, super, suuuuuuper awakward! I am sure most of us can relate to this. I hate it when I can't get a photo right and when even Mr C interrupts I go BAT SHIT CRAY CRAY! I need to get in the zone, LOL!
    Bee xxx

  3. I honestly dont think ive ever done anything that crazy for blogging haha i must be pretty boring


  4. I feel off a bench on time while trying to get a shot . . . I got the shot and an amazing reminder on my shin


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