Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thirty Six Pounds

Today I am asking, what can you buy for your children for £36 per week?  What does £36 actually pay for?

I would love your input on this one.

Many thanks,

Big Fashionista x x x x


  1. Very little these days! It doesn't even cover a weekly food shop in our house. xo


  2. Might just about cover school meals, bus fares and money for dress-down days etc. Probably not enough to pay for trips or after school activities.

    Definitely wouldn't pay for food, clothes or heating etc.

  3. Being cheap has a lasting effect which causes you to pay a high price later on - when your children are adults they will judge for themselves and no amount of money will cover the lost of trust

  4. Wouldn't even cover 1 day of my son's nursery fees. 1 day.

  5. Not a lot! It wouldn't feed one of my girls....lol

  6. Sweet fuck all, Kellie.

  7. Not a lot for one child, let alone 3.

  8. Let's put it this way...this is what I spend (roughly) on a tight budget, on food for 2 people.

    As I said before...pick a favourite...


  9. More than people think when spent wisely.
    £36 is about fortnights worth of food for my partner and I. Its also what we pay for our landline, wifi and tv per month.
    Clothing wise (not that I buy new stuff very often) but I can get a pair of jeans and a top for £36.



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