Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why THIS Feminist doesn't need Feminist Underwear

I love underwear, I have lots, some matching sets, some grey knickers that sit at the back of the drawer until desperate times call for desperate measures and bras all the colours of the rainbow.


Because I want to wear it, I don't wear it for anyone else other than myself and how it makes ME feel.

So reading this article in the Daily (hate) Mail, makes me want to throw up.


"Stretchy Fabric, no underwiring or padding"

This sounds like HELL to me.

There is nothing feminist about me kicking my tits as I walk because I get no support from my underwear.

Let us not even get me started on the use of the words "real women" either.

I wear MY underwear for me, if me having pert boobs that are in the correct sized bra with a matching set of knickers makes me a bad feminist, then bad luck, I'm obviously a terrible one.

My choice in lingerie doesn't make me objectified by the male gaze, my lingerie EMPOWERS me because it is mine and I am a wonderful woman.

This lingerie isn't for me, it may be for you, and that's ok, because THAT is what feminism truly is, it is about us making our own choices.

Feminist underwear? Sounds pants to me, how about you?

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. if you're not kicking your tits as you walk down the street, you're not a real woman. It must be true, I read it in the Fail.

  2. I saw a motto accompanied by an image of lacy underwear responding to this that simply said "This is feminist underwear. Because a feminist is wearing it"

    The Daily Fails strikes again. It doesn't matter what the underwear looks like, it's about the person choosing to wearing it. Yes, choosing - the whole bloomin' point of feminism!


  3. Does the underwear hold ten lady it does then big tick
    pert boobs no I can hold a pencil under mine

  4. Just tried comment but the bloody thing wasn't logged in. So I basically said we would all be kicking our tits, oh what does it matter 💁 If I want to wear lovely underwear that's my business, why on earth does everything have to get a "feminist" approach on it these days. Can't we all just be "human"
    Bee xxx

  5. Hmmm.... Available up to size 14? If the red-head is "up to size 14" then Whoop, whoop; I must be a size 14 too! And that navy set looks awful. Unless you're an A cup your boobs need support. And I happen to like lace (although, to be fair, I hate underwires)!

  6. Seriously isn't being a feminist about wearing what empowers you regardless of society's expectations. Shall we all wear neck high and ankle length clothes too. I'm sorry but if I choice to wear the shortest skirt and boobs at the ready top it has nothing to do with what I can do or achieve

  7. Could not agree more! What next feminist makeup! xxxx



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