Monday, 13 April 2015

A Bite Of The Apple

So, I purchased an Apple Watch.

Why? I hear some of you ask. Well because I wanted it, because I can more than afford it, and because I love all things Apple.

You didn't buy an Apple Watch? Because you didn't want one or currently couldn't afford one?

Good for you. I hope you enjoy not owning one.

SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how simple that is? You would be gobsmacked, (Or possibly not) by the amount of sarcastic comments, rude comments and indirect bitching that I have experienced because I made a purchase and I don't feel an ounce of shame about it.

I have no need to justify my purchases to anyone, no-one does. You want the shoes? Buy the fucking shoes. You want the Go Pro? You can afford the Go Pro? Buy it. We don't answer to anyone other than ourselves and our bank account. I certainly don't answer to anyone regarding a watch that I want.

In times like this, I bring out Neil Patrick Harris,

(Pushes my mobile phone bill to the front of the pile)

For those that are interested, I purchased a Pink Apple Sport Watch. Yes, I will be blogging about it when I get it, I am excited about it, (and looking for a nail varnish that will match the colour)

For those that aren't interested, that's fine too. For those that are morally outraged that I have made a purchase with which you disagree............

Which bill was it you decided to pay?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Have fun!

    As a non iPhone user, the world of the Apple Watch is closed to me... (And having just upgraded phone, back into 24 month contract, won't be getting one any time soon).

    Since you asked, this month's bill is for last month's long weekend jolly in London :)

  2. Apple watch as a ancient Crapberry owner I know not of this wonder you speak of! But couldn't agree more with keep your nose out of what I spend my money on x

  3. You spend money on an iwatch, I spend it on permanently scarring my body with pretty pictures, aka tattoos...oh and i will very soon spend a good amount of money on a madonna concert tickets and the travel involved :P I never discuss anything I buy or how I treated myself with barely anyone, anymore, because of the non-required opinions... The only person i do this with may be my coolest aunt, who like me, doesn't judge people on what they buy or how the spend their money.
    I have to say though, I soooooo don't get this iwatch thing, so you will have to enlighten the rest of us with a post, once you've got it. My brother is a huge Apple fan, I'll probably see one in the flesh sooner than later ;)

  4. My number one bugbear. You would not believe the amount of comments I get re skincare: 'oh it's SO expensive. As IF you would buy it if you HAD to.' ERM yeah. I would. I did. Kindly piss off.

  5. 'You want the shoes? Buy the fucking shoes.' is pretty much my life motto.

  6. I have always been an enabler, haha. My friends will say "don't let me buy anything" and I'll politely tell them to choose another friend for that task, haha!

    I really not spending anything at all at the moment, which is tough, but it's a lifestyle choice that I made to run my own business. It's a similar sort of thing really, I get attitude about not having a "real job" (though less now than I used to!) and I'm going to start using that!! "Oh, which bill of mine is it that you're going to pay?" Haha!

  7. Love this. It really is no ones business, especially a stranger on the Internet!

  8. Love it. I spend mine on tonymoly fruit and kawaii and candles and Korean skincare... As far as I am concerned it is my money and if people don't like it they can suck it.

  9. Love this. I've been thinking about this a lot recently and you worded it miles better than I ever could.Also if you want a hand finding matching nail polish for the watch I am so up to that challenge :D

  10. LOLOLOLOL pleeeeease tell me that this is a joke, someone actually gives a damn that you bought an apple watch? It's laughable. You spend your money on what you want. There are worse things you could buy!
    Bee xxx

  11. How dare you buy yourself something which you want and can afford. You're clearly a very bad person, and ought to go stand in the corner and have a word with yourself. In seriousness I can't wait to see the nail varnish you choose to match it! ;)

  12. I spend piles on Scentsy. Do I need 12 bars a month? Probably not. Are my bills paid by ME?Therefore making my purchases none of anyone's damn business? Oh hell Yes. I am not an Apple fan, but good on ya,

  13. Well done! Who has the right to have an opinion on YOUR life. Bet half of them were anon twats!

  14. Oh my god you're right. You're fucking dead right. Every time I blog about something a little bit on the pricey side I feel like I have to show people receipts for groceries to prove that I'm feeding my children. Anymore - fuck it. Fuck the justification! Enjoy your pink watch!


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