Thursday, 16 April 2015

Going Blank

Ever have those times when the blogging part of your brain goes, "Fuck this, I'm off to lay on the beach. You're on your own, bitch" (My blogging brain is RUDE, rude, I tell you)

After nearly FIVE years of blogging, every day I worry that I will run out of things to blog about. I could always fall back on telling other people How To Blog Successfully, that seems to be a popular theme at the moment. people doling out advice like cake at a party, (mmmmmmmm, cake) but the honest truth is there is no ideal formula on how to be a blogger, successful or otherwise.

Want to blog?

Write shit down.

BANG, you are a blogger, let us all move on.

Currently, I have run out of things to say, (I KNOW!!!!!) I know it never lasts, I too have read the articles on running a successful blog that say, if you haven't got anything to say, just take a step back for a day or two, but I DON'T WANT TO. I want to write shit down.

Part of the problem is that my children are away for a week and I am out of my blogging routine, therefore giving my blogging brain the chance to slip away unnoticed to sip mojitos on the beach and eye up the lifeguards. (My blogging brain is also a bit of a perv)

I want to blog, I feel like I need to blog, but ain't no-one going to suffer if I don't, so I may just go and join my blogging brain on the beach,

I hear the lifeguard is a fittie.

What do you do when your blogging brain runs away? Do you join it? Push on through?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Haha I love this, I think my blogging brain would get on well with your blogging brain!

    Unfortunately my blogging brain is fine and raring to go at the moment! It's me creating the issue. I have had the most manic 6 weeks of my life and my blogging brain is making me feel guilty for not writing enough! I want to but an hour a night before bed at home is the only free time I have and I am usually dying! I WILL get on top of it!

    :) Charlie x

  2. Be a guru for a week a ask Kellie spot

  3. I've had nothing for weeks now. The thought of even attempting it makes me shudder. I'll blame it on being so sick with whatever this plague/virus is and have another go at it when I'm 100% again.

  4. I've been having this all this week. I really wanted to get a lot of blogging/reading done in the week off I've taken between finishing my dissertation and starting studying for my exams but my brain just won't cooperate. I generally just go with it though, my body and mind knows what it needs and if that's a break from things I want to do then so be it. If things MUST be done I make short lists for each day and break the task into tiny pieces and that normally gets most things done


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