Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Is Feminist the Bad F Word?

This post is going to be chock full of the F Word, you know, the seemingly bad one. the insulting one.  That's right, I'm talking about the big bad F Word, FEMINIST. 


The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 

There you go, the real definition of Feminism, a feminist is an advocate of women's rights, Feminist is not a fucking insult for people to throw around and try to hurt people with. People suck. What do people hope to achieve by talking about "bra-burning feminists" in a derogatory way.

I'm talking about you, Luisa Zissman,

Firstly Luisa, I'm not going to burn my bra, I'm a 36GG, do you have any idea how much these bras COST? Secondly, do you care to guess how long it would burn for? Thirdly, did I mention I'm a 36GG, Like my sisters around me, I need the fucking support. 

But why is feminism a dirty word? An insult?

Why the FUCK is this what you find when you Google, Is Feminism.........

Feminism is not an insult, the word feminist shouldn't be thrown around and used in a derogatory manner, people should not be scared to identify themselves as a feminist,

When did wanting equality become a bad thing?

Why do people, when you question them, ask, "What are you? Some sort of feminist?" LIKE IT IS A BAD THING!!!!!!!!!!

I am a feminist, I strive for equality, I will stand with anyone who wants to stand up and say that Feminism is not a bad F Word, and to those that disagree,

Fuck you.

Are you finding that feminism is a bad F word? Have you seen people using it as an insult? Or am I being a "sensitive feminist"?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista. x x x



  1. Great post! Today i have seen so many guys and girls gang up on one of my twitter pals and were so anti-feminist! They even used the word feminazis to describe feminists! They were all f***ers x

  2. I openly identify as a feminist and it saddens me that people are afraid to, although honestly I can see why - after tweeting using the Poppy Smart hashtag today, I was sent some really unpleasant messages which honestly made me feel sick, I was branded a "feminist dyke" along with other nasty slurs. I am so done with negative stereotyping, stigma, and internalised misogyny. Why would you not want to be equal to your male counterparts, why would you not want equality for anyone else who identifies as female, why would you not want equality for all? Why would you denounce a movement that has afforded us the right to own property, to work, to vote? Like it or not, there's still a lot of room for change that goes way beyond the pay gap and I for one believe we all need feminism.

  3. Some people are threatened by it. The same people, I suspect, that think women are a tool at a man's disposal or women who are scared of the responsibility equality brings. Others are misguided, ignorant or misinformed. Fuck em

  4. I've taken to calling myself an Equalist. My male friends are awesome & all for equality (duh, we wouldn't be mates otherwise) but there's something about the word Feminist that's now taken to mean "wants MORE rights than men". With 'equalist' there's no taking it any other way. Be interested to know if anyone else feels the same?

    1. I can definitely see your reasoning there.

      For me, the issue is that 'feminist' is an umbrella term covering women (and men) across a pretty diverse spectrum of views. Whilst I am absolutely not NOT a feminist, I think I'm less inclined to use it these days because the loudest and most prominent of the feminist movements out there (particularly on social media) includes a lot of standpoints, etc, that I don't agree with.

    2. I think that identifying as an equalist denies the past and current marginalision of women, my version of feminism doesn't want to be above men, but equal to, without forgetting that we still live in a society with patriarchal values

    3. I used to feel like that, I wanted to distance myself from the more extreme feminists. But I've realised that there actually aren't many of them at all, though many people - with an agenda to push - would have us believe otherwise, and there is strength (and power) in numbers.

      I've also realised that the feminist community isn't the borg, we don't all have to agree, and it's better to be involved in the discussion and helping than stood on the sidelines criticising.

    4. Thanks for your replies, all really interesting views! I am feminist in that I agree society is still too patriarchal & it needs to (finally) change but I do think some feminism is a bit extreme & man-hating, which defies the point. I see so many women on social media saying things like "ugh, men!" - what's the difference between men saying "women!", yet they get slated for it. I suppose the beauty of having feminism/equality/freedom of speech/etc. in a civilised society is that we all get to think what we want & these opinions of our own.

  5. I'm proud to be a feminist. Anyone who thinks it works as an insult is just going to get laughed at, loudly.

    I'm proud to be associated with so many incredible women who have gone before me, who have fought for women to be treated as people, as equals and with respect. Still got a long way to go, but there is an incredible sisterhood of women out there paving the way for change.

  6. I used an Everyday Sexism hashtag once and was immediately trolled. I have worked in an environment where the sexism was unbelievable for the 21st century. Feminist? Damned right I am.

  7. A feminist friend pointed me to this article, along with your previous one about fat shaming. I read them. Without commenting, I asked her why she suggested I read them. Her reply was, and I quote,

    "It's people like this that are destroying feminism. They haven't got the ability to engage or reason, can't write a single sentence without screeching "FUCK" every other word and wail like banshees, and do far more damage to the name of feminism than most of the anti feminism comments ever do"


    1. Oh dear... What a strange view of the world...

    2. Oh isn't the swearing ladylike enough? Nice use of banshee too, though we're missing hysterical and shrill I note

    3. Screeching? Banshees? If we're going for bingo we're missing out "hysterical" and "shrill".

      I assume the swearing isn't lady like enough?

  8. I think I am a feminist. I certainly think that women deserve to be treated as equals and that society is still too male dominated.
    However I don't feel as though my life choices would appease many feminists. I have chosen to adopt my husbands surname, I chose to be a housewife, cooking and cleaning for my man and I wear clothes that I know he will enjoy seeing me in.
    I see articles everyday that citicise woman for making the same choices as myself, that we are being subservient to men and thus betraying our fellow women. So as I say, I think im a feminist, but many others would disagree.

  9. The problem is, as has been pointed out before, you ask for opinions and debate, but then mock people for having a different view to you.

    You repeatedly claim to welcome constructive criticism (here a feminist has detailed how your approach is viewed by some others) and you take to twitter claiming to be attacked.

    Just because someone doesn't agree with your view or method of voicing it doesn't mean they are attacking you. Crying foul is the refuge of someone who can't or won't debate, not someone who welcomes it.

    Take the criticism, constructive or otherwise. You can't expect to be taken seriously if you aren't prepared to extend the same courtesy to others.

  10. I believe in feminism. I believe I am a feminist. I also iron my husbands shirts and took his name, because it was my choice. To me feminism is having the choice to live as you please. If you choose to be career driven - great, if you choose to be a house wife - wonderful, as long as it is your choice. To be a true feminist I also believe you should support other women in their choices and not tear them down for not sharing your ideals. Its their right to choose. I choose to wear dresses and high heels to work. And I work damn hard whilst wearing them. That's my choice. Equally when I come home a cook dinner its my choice. That's what makes me a feminist.

    Jo Jo aka @tinkerdori

  11. I used to call myself a feminist, but now I call myself an equalist. I'm fed up with being told I'm a 'bad' feminist because I'm a girly girly who thinks men and women are equal BUT DIFFERENT, and seeing otherwise intelligent young women sticking 'rampant misandrist' etc in their Twitter bios (way to encourage HeforShe) along with pictures of their ironic Male Tears mugs. It's clearly not my movement anymore, and frankly I'm relieved.

  12. Dear Anon's. Don't bother. They just don't get it. Trying to debate with a brick wall. None are so blind as those that will not see.

  13. I am not a feminist; I am different to a man and I don’t want to be treated the same. I don’t want to get a job over a guy just because I am woman, I want to get that job because I deserve it. We are treated differently because we are different, men also miss out on certain opportunities due to being male (paternity leave for example).

    I believe people should be treated as people, not as a sex. I want people to be judged for being people. It’s the same with race, religion. People should get opportunities because they deserve them, not because they are ticking the right ‘cultural/sexual/equality’ box.

  14. The anons on here are halirious, and looks suspiciously to me like one person having a conversation with themselves.

    Also, Kellie didn't say one word about being attacked last night, she quoted verbatim, and had a giggle about it, get a grip.

    In addition (because I'm sure to be criticised for it) I'm posting as anon as I'm almost 100% sure that you will do what you've accused Kellie of doing and just start attacking me on my blog and to be quite frank I don't have the patience for that vitriol, I wouldn't even give it air.

    The worst thing about you "anon", is that you have occasionally made valid points worth discussing to begin with, but your delivery is so awful that you almost turn my opinion round, because I desperately don't want to be like you, and I'm fairly certain you have the same effect on others. Ironically, the way you deal with "discussing" issues, is akin to what you've accused Kellie of doing in this post, it's people like you who are "destroying" the opportunity to have diverse discussion.

    Also, if we really wanted to take what your "friend" has said (and what you believe as worth repeating) about this post as truth, then I have to say it's completely classist, and in fact those who hold these opinions about swearing and how others chose to get their opinion across are ACTUALLY why less women are engaging in feminism, for fear of ridicule.

    Suck on that bitches!

    (Calm down its a quote)

    1. I genuinely feel this is my favourite anon comment ever. I agree that over the last few days my Anons have raised valid comments that make me think, but then usually ruin it with an insult or comment that undermines what they have said. It is a shame, I do welcome constructive criticism.

      (Apart from people telling me to swear less, that's never going to fucking happen) :D

      Thank you for your comment. X

  15. When I was younger I would say over and over that I wasn't a feminist because of all the asshat feminists I saw around me, but now I'm a bit older I definitely feel I am a feminist, I want equality, I want the option to be whatever I want to be, not to be hindered by the fact I am a woman.

  16. I would say absolutely, I'm a feminist, but I think the bad name that feminism has garnered is due to some feminists trying to make out that women are superior to men, rather than just equal.
    And I get pissed off that some women give feminism a bad name by getting on their high horse about every. little. THING, things that aren't important, and aren't sexist, these women just read into everything so much that they find things wrong with any statement, just because they want to.
    Just because I'm a feminist doesn't make me a man hater, just because I'm a feminist doesn't mean I can't take a joke, just because I'm a feminist doesn't mean I have to go around braless and makeup-less, feminism to me is just believing that women should be allowed to do whatever job/activity they want, as long as they're not harming anyone, and not be considered inferior to a man doing the same job/activity.

    That's my idea of feminism, and I'm sticking to it! x

    Beauty and the Rest

  17. I am a feminist and proud to say that I am. The fact that feminism is constantly under attack only proves the need for it's existence. So much said about feminism is what is presumed rather than people actually asking what people think. I don't speak about feminism much on Twitter now due to the amount of trolling I receive, mostly all from MRAs and PUAs; now they really are people with issues!


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