Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Odontophobia  - Fear of Dentists

I have broken a tooth.

(Think of all the swearing you have ever heard, make up a couple of new swear words and insert them here)

The problem is, I am scared of the dentist. I mean REALLLLLLLY scared.


You say dentist and I either see this guy, or Steve Martin in Little Shop Of Horrors, either way. I DO NOT LIKE THE DENTIST.

Yes, I know I HAVE TO GO, (Anyone else wish that teeth were like fingernails and just grew back?) partly because, OH MY GOD MY MOUTH HURTS. Yes, I know that once I go, (eventually) I will feel better, but I DO NOT LIKE THE DENTIST.

I actually bit a dentist once, he has his fingers in my mouth and I was going to throw up, he wouldn't stop, so I bit him. Not big, not brave and not clever, I know. But I was scared and I wanted him to stop rummaging in my mouth like an old lady with a huge handbag searching for a loose mint.

I don't know anyone who actually goes, "Whooo Hooooo, it is time to visit the dentist" but I don't know if I am alone in being a total scaredy cat who is wondering how long I can actually leave this broken tooth before it gives me grief. Well yes, I KNOW it hurts now, but that will go,

WON'T IT??????

Help me out here, am I alone in being frightened of the dentist? Do I need to woman up and make the appt? Who wants to hold my hand?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I can't believe you bit a dentist! Hahaha. When I go to the dentist I go to the hygienist after and get a good old teeth clean, so I actually get excited to go, is that weird? I've had so many teeth out over time that I think I've experienced the worst of it, also had the same dentist since I was 4 which can only help!

    Sorry that this isn't exactly helpful to your fear haha! But good luck lovely!!!

    Laura Cinnamon xx

  2. I too have an irrational fear of the dentist! I also fully detest paying out £20ish every six months to be told my teeth are "fine" and to be reminded to floss every time.. But that's another issue.

    Urgh dentists.

  3. I wasn't afraid until the day I had a root canal,and then I cried for the whole rest of the day (not even joking,I was pathetic) and swore never to go again. LOL'd in the face of my check up reminder letter the other day. NICE TRY MATE. Nuh huh. No way.

    Hope you get sorted as quickly and painlessly (for you,anyway. If you want to inflict pain on the dentist I won't judge 😉) as possible!

  4. Yes! I rarely go and I need to!! I break out in a sweat every time I hear the words dentist or toothache and especially when I walk in a dentist surgery! I have a very real fear, like you :( xx


  5. I used to, but my teeth are so shit that eventually I just got used to it! Go, get it over with, it's like a smear. But less relaxing.

  6. I too am utterly terrified of the dentist. Theres nothing nice about it, from being jabbed with needles to having someones fingers shoved in your mouth.
    I'm so bad when my wisdom teeth came through I lived in pain for a good few months before I went. I then had to go under general as I had an appointment to have them out and had a massive panic attack the moment I got in the room *cringe*

    Sadly it's one of lifes things your gonna just have to suck up and do. It's either that or you'll have horrible teeth & lots of pain!


  7. Absolutely scared of the Dentists, so far as when I was much younger there would be quite a few "assistants" waiting in the room when I was having an anesthetic as I would 95% of the time manage to fight my way out the room and end up having to go back many times for the same thing to be done (stems from an experience when I was 4).

    Even now I shy away from them unless absolutely necessary!

    Best thing to do is go to somewhere like a Dental hospital and explain, they are pretty good at helping get you through it etc!

    (goes back to hiding in the cupboard from dentists)!

  8. Literally had two teeth crack over last 6 months and have been putting off going not only because of the fear but also the money.... Either way I started getting awful pain, so much I could sleep & was on painkillers 24/7 so went last month to start the process of having my teeth sorted. Yep I need shitloads of work one and about 5 sittings to sort them all out inc a root canal and other horrors BUT for an hour of being uncomfortable and in fear is much better than long term tooth ache / rot and potentially loosing teeth!! Just take some Valium, a shot of sherry and get in that chair x

  9. I'm so lucky. My dentist is amazing. He has this special wand thing to give injections which is completely painless- just the most incredible thing. he's fixed broken teeth, fillings etc and not a niggle of pain. I've moved about 15 miles away and I still travel to him as its 100% worth it.If you're down south and dental phobic I'd really recommend him - Mews House Dental, Baldock, Herts.


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