Sunday, 26 April 2015

Stick it in the Fuck It Bucket

(We're going to need a bigger bucket) 

At the end of last week, I got a text from a friend asking if I was okay. I have a lot of personal issues going on at the moment, Anons were giving me "constructive" criticism and I am currently juggling a busy work/home life, but my answer to her was probably not what she expected. 

"I am, sometimes, you just have to stick it in the fuck it bucket" 

Do you know what I mean? It can be anything, hair bleaching gone wrong, (Don't ask) no spare cash this week to buy that lippie you wanted, or too tired to go out this weekend. 

You can stress about it all you want, ain't nothing gonna change the situation, so stick it in the fuck it bucket and try to move on. 

Life is short, very short sometimes, my fuck it bucket is getting fuller by the second and I am feeling a LOT better for it. The times where usually I would stress, worry or just consider all the options, over and over again, are in the past.

There are some things in life that no matter how much you worry about them, you can't change the outcome. 

Stick it in the fuck it bucket, it's not that you don't care about these things, it is just that sometimes you can't change the outcome. 

Someone doesn't like me? 

(Behold the field......) 

I will stick it in the bucket. 

Got a spot? 

Stick it in the bucket, it will go in a couple of days and the stress won't make it go any faster.


What do you want to stick in the fuck it bucket? 

Let me know in the comments below.

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. Need to get me one of those haha xx

  2. Great Monday wisdom! No sarcasm there either! X

  3. Can I stick my teens in the fuck it bucket for a day or two. Seriously they are driving me mad

  4. Whether I am 'beach body ready' or not

  5. I am sticking my heart in the fuck it bucket!

  6. Good idea, may blog my fuck it bucket and all with credit of course!

  7. I am bunging something in - but I'm not giving it the strength of being named. It's gone.


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