Thursday, 2 April 2015

Trollin' Trollin' Trollin'

I remember when I first heard the saying "Don't Feed The Trolls" thinking, "Hmmmmmmm, Troll. that is such a good word for people who sit on the internet and just spout shit all day, hurting peoples feelings and generally causing misery to others. Troll, I like it"

But now, things have changed. Does anyone else think that the word troll is bandied around so often now that it has kind of lost its true meaning?

If someone disagrees with another person online, these days, more and more people will scream that they are being trolled. Take Sarah Vine, (Someone, please take her) she writes an inflammatory article about a kitchen, and then writes another article about trolls, hmmmmmmmmm. It is almost a Buy One Get One Free for columnists these days, isn't it?

1/    Write one article and be as obnoxious and inflammatory as possible,

Oh look, now I have enough material for a second article about how people trolled me for my opinions.  See anyone who has written something obnoxious and chances are you will see a follow up article a week or two later "bravely" talking about how they were trolled and abused.

Don't get me wrong, death threats, abuse, threats of violence. ALL WRONG.

But there definitely seems to be a change in what people call TROLLING.

Someone disagreeing with your opinion, doesn't make them a troll, they are just someone with a different opinion from you and different opinions are COOL.

Let us not cheapen the word troll, trolls are truly horrible, sad individuals with no lives and the desperate need to hurt others, they feed off of people's misery and are nasty individuals.

A troll is not someone who thinks that Zayn Fucking Malik would be better off as a solo artist.

What do you think? Is the word "Troll" bandied around too much lately? Do some people actually invite differing opinions just so they can cry troll?

Let me know

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  1. I'd go further than that, some people seem to invite trolls so they can revel in attention & drama.
    I agree the word troll is used to freely today- a true troll is nasty & vicious. Just because someone expresses a different opinion (as long as it's expressed politely) then they are not a troll

  2. I have just ranted about the same thing...a bit like bullying actually - a bully uses power and/or a sustained attack over time. being mean isn't bullying, disagreeing isn't trolling. (they may however fall into 'being a right arse' category)

  3. Totally agree, it's used too regularly now. Although I would say sometimes it's difficult to know whether someone is a troll or just someone with vastly different (imo outdated and assholey) opinions on things!

  4. Thank you! disagreeing is not trolling, threatening someones life and abusive messages is.

  5. Trolling to me was always twats on online forums being dicks and trying to get rise out of other forum members by posting sensational crap or mindless rubbish or something completely off topic.

    Anything else - threats, nastiness, violence etc is bullying, harassment and being a nasty person, not being a troll.

    I don't like the way the word trolling is bandied about!


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