Monday, 11 May 2015

Big Brother is manipulating You

For the first time ever, the Big Brother contestants details have been released before the launch night programme.

I used to be a HUGE fan of Big Brother, I would watch the live feed, the shows, Big Brother's Little Brother, even Big Brother's Little Brother when the format changed, and yet now?

Right about now, I would rather shit in my hands and clap than sit through a single episode of the show. 

Big Brother started life as a "social experiment." Lock strangers in a house and then document what happens over the weeks that follow.  I watched as friendships were made and broken, alliances were formed and enemies created. I got so into Big Brother that the chance of getting me to go out on an Eviction Night was IMPOSSIBLE, I couldn't even record it, I had to watch it live otherwise there was just NO POINT TO MY LIFE AT ALL.

I had my favourites each series, there was always at least one person who I just knew that I would never get on with in real life if I had to meet them and always people that I really wanted to just get it over with and snog.

But Big Brother is not just watching anymore. Big Brother is manipulating, changing the rules to suit themselves, protecting the "story lines" that they have created, as well as the characters that they have put together for maximum impact.

Big Brother is now just a soap opera, it doesn't even pretend to be anything different. It might as well have guest appearances from ex Coronation Street characters.

They don't even attempt to have "normal" people anymore. Who remembers when Big Brother used to have hairdressers as contestants? Now it is all about having a cousin who once shagged Dean Gaffney, Are you quiet and retiring? Then you do not have a chance of appearing on Big Brother. Big Brother contestants over the last few years have even amped up their interviews, claiming bi-sexuality, alluded that they would have sex in the Big Brother House or that they were FUN, FUN, FUN, just to try to get on the show.

Big Brother is now just a migraine in human form.

From "Big Brother is watching you," to "Big Brother is manipulating you" is a step too far. If I want to see a soap opera full of glamorous young people and the occasional loud "oldie" thrown in for demographic reasons, I will watch Hollyoaks.

How about you?

Will you be watching when it starts tomorrow, or has the manipulation gone too far?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista xx



  1. Every year I promise myself I'm not going to get sucked in. Every year I end up watching every. Single. Episode. It's such senseless, mindless, trash TV but I can't help myself!

    I can't understand why they've released the line up early this year though. For me one of the best bits is launch night. I do agree that over the years it has become less social experiment and more platform for talentless wannabes to find undeserved fame. There are always too many models, too many pretty boys, a token nutter, a token older person and a token geek. And they're just never very nice people - at least that's how they portray themselves. My favourite ever contestant is still Anna the lesbian nun from series 1.

    Do I like it? No. Will I be watching? Probably.

  2. Yeah.... I know all this really after they secured Helen her Final place last year (let's not pretend the housemates or anyone really had any say at all and any other housemate, had they behaved in the bullying manner she did, would have had their Final place revoked or put out of the house completely), I gathered it was all one big set up along the lines of Made in Chelsea and the like. I don't watch those ones, Big Brother IS my MIC and I'll more than likely still give it a go. It's complete car crash tv...

  3. I find it very interesting that they have revealed the housemates prior to launch night this year - are they manipulating us or the press? Are they removing the power from the media and reclaiming it for themselves.

    I do agree with you that the days where they locked 10 people in a house and just let them get on with it are long gone (we've discussed this before... LOTS) HOWEVER, I don't think we'd be 15 (or however many) series in if Craig hadn't found out about Nick's vote rigging in series one. And why was that not a set up that's never been revealed???

    America has it right - no baying crowds on eviction night - just a low key exit and an interview with the host. The problem is still the media and the "need for fame" from everyone and everything - and digital media is half the problem there. Need I go on?

  4. I too used to be obsessed by the show, even had eviction night parties at home! But have not watched the main show for many years for the same reason. I much preferred it when housemates were from all different walks of life, young and old. Now, everyone is so media savvy and loud. I did give it a go last week, but it was too awful so I switched it off. Do dip in and out of the celeb version though, depending on who is in there :-)


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