Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I need some Vitamin Sea

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a holiday.

That's right, I want some sunshine,

I want to paddle in the sea, not paddle in puddles.

I want my hair to go all tousled with REAL salt spray, giving me beach waves that are actually from the beach, instead of a bottle.

I want to wear a swimming costume, and not be so cold that my nipples are like bullets that can go off at any moment.

I want to sip cocktails, under an umbrella that shades me from the sun, not the rain.

I want to wear a sarong, not in a vaguely ironic way, but because it is polite to not walk into a cafe in a swimsuit, but it is too warm to wear anything else.

I want to wear a hat, a floppy straw hat, to protect my head and face from the midday sun. Not a knitted hat that keeps my ears warm.

and I want to look sun kissed, for REALS, not by Bourjois. (you know I love ya, Bourjois)

I want to carry a light jacket in the evening, in case the breeze picks up, not a puffa jacket because there are gale force winds and it is chucking it down.

I need a break from being cold, (Yes, I know I live in Yorkshire, this is to be expected)


How about you?

What are you looking for?



  1. Yeah I'm with you. I don't even like sun but I'm so sick of wet feet and a cold face :(

  2. Should I mention I'm going on holiday next week...? :p

  3. PREACH IT SISTER! I'm so ready for it too. I know I headed to Egypt in December but I really struggled through the winter months & it seems that the summer here aint too pretty either?
    THANK GOD, that last night we finally booked a holiday after much mming and ahhing! Heading to Mexico in September and it could not come quick enough!
    Hope you get that vitamin sea that you are lusting after!
    Bee xxx


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