Monday, 1 June 2015

BGT, Scandal or No problem? Matisse The Dog

I am one of those people that say, No, I'm not going to watch BGT this year and then find myself sucked in completely. 

This year was no different and I must admit, I was routing for Matisse and Jules O'Dwer to win, along with a lot of the audience. 


So imagine my surprise this morning to see that a scandal has broken out over their win when Jules admitted that it wasn't Matisse who walked across the ropes, it was another dog as Matisse is scared of heights.

Does anyone else feel that this is cheating a little? The rope trick was a huge part of their act, and I must admit I had never seen a dog do that before. Social media was alight with everyone commenting how amazing the dog was, (well, some people were threatening to leave the country if "another bloody dog won BGT) but as a viewer, I feel duped. 

I think if the winner had been announced as Jules, for her dog training SKILLS, and bloody hell, she has some serious skills, then I wouldn't have an issue with it at all, but the winner, as voted for by the public, was Jules AND Matisse. Is it fair that part of his act was actually done by someone else? 

If one of the dance acts had brought in a professional to do a somersault that they couldn't do, would that be acceptable? 

I don't think so, so is it ok that this has happened on Britain's Got Talent. 

I would LOVE your thoughts on this story.

Let me know.

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  1. whaaaaaaaaaaa.....? I need a moment to process this info.

  2. I saw her say that on telly, thought it was really deceptive. The whole point of her act was that she had trained Matisse to do the trick - you don't get an act through to the finals and then roll out a bloody doppelganger, FFS?! Imagine if there had been a whole set of doubles for the Old Men dance act!!

  3. I didn't see all of BGT, but did see the semi final where there were two dogs in the act. So it wasnt a suprise to people that she has several trained dogs (wasnt there also a lassie type dog in the final). The choice of name for the act might therefore be a bit incorrect, but I don't think there was any deliberate attempt to trick people.

  4. This is the first I've heard of this and I'm really disappointed and feel let down. If the dog couldn't do it, don't include the trick or make it a little easier so he doesn't get as scared, don't sneak in a double and not bother mentioning it until after.

  5. I liked the dog act but I was disappointed when I found out they won.. and now I'm even more annoyed that the dog walking the ropes wasn't the original dog, that's definitely cheating in my books! I wish another act won because at least it would have been an act that was both good and honest!

    Ali :)

  6. i'm v.late to the party but I don't have an issue with this act winning at all, it's Jules' training skills which have taught all those dogs so surely it's her who we are praising just as much as the dogs?!


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