Friday, 5 June 2015

Caitlyn Jenner, I owe you an apology

I owe Caitlyn Jenner an apology. In fact, I probably owe all women an apology for this one.

When the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover was released, I was so so so happy for her. I believe that we ALL have the right to be who we want to be, and who we need to be, and to see Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair, WOW. Surely this is a wonderful moment for Caitlyn, her time to shine and be happy. I know that I have nothing but admiration for her for believing in herself and her right to be who she truly is.

But this is why I feel I owe her an apology.

My first words on the matter were, "Congratulations, Caitlyn, you look beautiful"

And in that one sentence, I treated Caitlyn how every woman has at one time in their lives been treated, how I have been treated too. I brought it back to how she LOOKED.

And that is unfair, and for this, I apologise.

It shouldn't be about how Caitlyn Jenner looks, it should be about how she feels and how she is loved by people around her. I made it about how she looked, as did a lot of people out there and quite frankly, I am ashamed of myself for that.

Caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman, but I am sure she is much, much, MORE than that too. For years we have been judged on our looks, while our other skills are overlooked and it makes us MAD, and yet myself, and others, have done the same thing to another woman, without thinking it through.

I am going to try this one again,

Congratulations, Caitlyn Jenner. You look happy.

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  1. Thank you Kellie. Yes Caitlyn is beautiful, and so are Kellie Maloney and Stephanie Hirst...

    So trans people are out, loud and proud, making the headlines, magazine covers and mainstream television. Good on them for being prepared to do it, in return for the support they receive in return (especially Kellie, who went for it on the threat of being outed and then proceeded to milk every penny out of the media in return..)

    But, it's not the same for everyone. So many trans people, without the same privilege, are still trying to hide under the radar. When Kellie Maloney's story first broke, I hid in my flat for the next few days, as being obviously visibly trans, I just felt the on street 'banter' levels might be rising and it would be safer to let things blow over.

    I lived the dream for a couple of years, albeit whilst not working and dealing with my MH issues, and I don't regret it. Sadly I had to admit I didn't have the strength to see it through and then find a new way of dealing with things. It's still a work in progress..

    I know some wonderful trans people who are living it, holding down serious jobs, devoted to their family commitments and all on average wages out of the spotlight.

    Maybe they don't want to be in the spotlight (and I wouldn't blame them), but their voices are just as valid and deserving of being heard..

  2. Good for you, you're so right on this one, it shouldn't be about how she looks at all, it's about being her true self and feeling happy.


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