Thursday, 4 June 2015

#FormulaFun Your Chance to Win Tickets to the Belgian Grand Prix

One thing you may not know about me, I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Formula 1, (Mercedez all the way) luckily, my beloved other half is also a huge fan so we watch every race, we know who is where in the Constructors Championship and we know who we want to win the drivers Championship. (Come on, Lewis)

It was actually my mum that got me watching Formula 1 as a child. I grew up watching the races, rooting for Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, as well as swooning over Jacques Villeneuve when I was a little older but for me, Formula 1 is steeped with memories of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna and the huge rivalry they had, both on track and off.

I was asked to share a memory, with the hashtag #FormulaFun and while my memory isn't actually fun, it is part of Formula 1 history and will never be forgotten. Whether you were Team Senna, or Team Prost, you cannot deny that Suzuka 1990 was a historic moment.

Both Prost and Senna had a rivalry that has probably never been beaten, the previous year at the 1989 Suzuka race, the drivers had collided also, but this time, the collision happened on the first corner, with many, many people suggesting that Senna had deliberately taken out Prost. As a viewer, this whole event was television GOLD. It meant that Senna had won the championship, although there was one more race, Prost wouldn't have enough points to be able to beat Senna. I remember arguing that Senna would not have taken out Prost deliberately, he wanted to do his talking ON the track, (Foolish teenager that I was) The whole event seemed unreal, watching F1 on a regular basis meant that I was used to seeing crashes on TV, (Let's be honest, they made it exciting) but the controversy surrounding this event means that it will never be forgotten.

So, you may wonder why I am talking about my F1 memory when you are just here to find out how you can win tickets to The Belgian Grand Prix, (I'm right, aren't I) Well the lovely people at Avios have created a competition to win tickets and flights to watch the F1, and you get the opportunity to enter every time you fill up.

If you haven't heard of Avios, you can check them out here to sign up.

and then all you have to do, is enter the competition HERE, with your Avios acct number whenever you fill up at Shell.

Simple, right?

Are you a Formula 1 fan? Will you be entering?

Also, if you are a fan, what are your #FormulaFun memories? Share with me your memories of F1. Is it something else that you remember vividly? Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

*Written in conjunction with Avios

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