Monday, 8 June 2015

Stop Telling Me The Do's And Don'ts Of Blogging.

I love blogs, I really do. I only buy magazines now for either the free gift, or when I am in it. Harsh, but true. I read reviews online, I get fashion advice online, I get skin care information and ideas for decorating my home from blogs. Blogs are where it is at.


There seems to be an alarming theme at the moment, where bloggers are telling other bloggers what to do. Apparently this is the DO's and DON'T's of blogging.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but if you tell me what not to do, I tend to get the urge to do it anyway, just to spite people.

Apparently, you should not swear in blog posts.

Well that can fuck off.

I should also "stay positive" as no-one wants to read sob-stories.  This is also total bollocks, Blogs are an individual thing, if you want to write about sad things, YOU CAN. Write about what the hell you want. IF someone doesn't want to read it, that is their prerogative, it should not stop ANYONE from sharing their thoughts or stories.

I love ADVICE from bloggers, I have been blogging for over five years now and I do not know enough about blogging to even dream of telling anyone else how to blog. What works for me (or DOESN'T work for me) might not work for someone else. WHY would I even dream of telling other people what to do?

If you want to impart your pearls of wisdom, there are enough blogger chats out there, (Dear God there are enough blogger chats out there at the moment) where you can share your knowledge and offer advice about "blogging for yourself," but that is what it should be, advice. Don't dress it up as the RULES of blogging, because there are no rules of blogging. Blogging IS for everyone and anyone who has an email address and can sign up for blogger or Wordpress can be a blogger.

Dear wannabe Blog Gurus/Mavens/Wizards/Experts, Please don't tell me what to do, or what not to do with my blog,

Stick your "rules"


Big Fashionista x x x



  1. Bang on point lady ....... the beauty of blogs is their unique look there is no gingerbread cookie cutter - my blog is very commercial and yes it is usually some PR or social media guru who tells me to change and yes I tell them to fuck off .......

  2. This drives me up the fucking walls, there are no do's and dont's when it comes to blogging. Load of old wank.

  3. Hell yes, and hell bloody yes!!! I have so much I could say in agreement of this, but it could escalate into an entire blog post masquerading as a comment. Thanks for taking the time to write what lot of us had on our minds. X

  4. So on point. Also don't like the 'this is why I don't click on your blog' posts. If you didn't, you didn't and I'm not any worse of for it so fuck off! Lol.
    Also yes to the too many chats. Way too many. Bored now.

  5. Completely agree. I'm all for sharing advice on what works or doesn't work for individual bloggers. but when you call it "the rules of blogging" I immediately switch off. People blog for different reasons, just like people read blogs for different reasons. There are no one size fits all rules!

    For example, while I like photos (especially relatively decent ones) in blog posts I much prefer the words and whether I become a regular reader will depend on whether I like a blogger's writing style. But according to various so-called "blogger rules", I've seen, this is "wrong" and photos are the be all and end all. Well, not for me thanks.

    And don't even get me started on bloggers who start talking about "blogging rules" in their third or fourth post.

  6. 'Well that can fuck off' - almost spit out my tea when I got to that bit!

    I too am happy to search out advice but a person's blogging style is their own, if we were all to write the same way the writing world would be a whole lot duller!

  7. I hate being told what to do! Jade and I have our own writing style, we don't adhere to rules and wear whatever we want. It is our happy place so we keep it up beat, but that's just how we wish to roll! I really cringe when I see posts titled 'tips on blogging' from newbie bloggers...WAH.

    Tara x

  8. YES!! A million times, YES!! Hints and tips on help with html or something like that I'm all over but if I wanna type like I talk to my mates or share some silly/ bad photography I'll bloody well do it.

    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  9. Yes, totally yes!!! There are SO.MANY of these type of blog posts you cite all saying the same. I've been blogging TEN years and it does annoy me when one-year old blogspot do this. I haven't got a clue about blogging but I just do it. Bloglovin weekly always sends an email with these types of posts as their 'top' posts. Top in whose eyes? I wrote a post called 'Ten things to think about when you're feeling disheartened about blogging' once as a little experiment into writing that type of post and I did feel a complete twit!!! X

    P.S. I actually rarely swear in my blog but when I met a blogging friend in real life, she told me she was shocked about me swearing a few/several times as I'm a teacher which kind of annoyed me and at the same time made me feel really bad-grrr. X

  10. amen to that, so bored of these posts! It's as if they've become the new 'filler' posts! I never ever read them anymore, I read a few to begin with but they all bang on about the same thing. A blog is PERSONAL for the most part so bloody well keep it that way, and FYI I LOVE that you swear in blog posts, because it's you!


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