Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Thick Hair, the struggle is real.

Yesterday, I decided, was the day that me and my thick untameable hair was going to get along well. It was freshly washed, not dry, I have been feeding it Vita Coco Coconut oil for a while and I THOUGHT that we had an understanding.

So I thought that I would be okay to introduce some product into our relationship.

Salt spray, I thought I would start to ease my hair in gently,

"Create a care-free, ocean fresh look, with full tousled texture, windswept waves or piecey perfection" said the bottle.

"Oh," said my hair "Ronald Macdonald? Is that the look you are going for? Got it"

and just like that, my hair had once again sucked up a product and spat it back in my face like a toddler trying apple puree for the very first time.


The problem with having thick hair is that, not only does it have a life of its own, it has a mind of it's own too.

"Hi, Hair. I am going to apply this oil to you, it should make you sleek and tame the frizz"

Hair looks at bottle. bottle looks at hair.


"IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED?" sneers hair.

I can't even look at at a hair brush without my hair going on strike, and by strike I mean. If you strike a match within 50ft of me, you will singe my hair. THAT IS HOW LARGE IT WILL BE.

You know you see the hair tutorials that will give you a "Beautiful up-do in just three easy steps"?
With thick hair, you can add seven more steps minimum, two of them will involve crying, two will involve looking for more hair grips than you actually have hair, and at least one more will involve swearing at the creator of the aforementioned tutorial for having such beautiful sleek hair.

When you have thick hair that has a mind of it's own, you also need to be aware that on the days that you have managed to wrestle your hair into submission and get it looking reasonably sleek, if there is even a drop of moisture in the air, in fact, even if someone turns on a tap near you. YOUR HAIR WILL REVERT TO IT'S NATURAL STATE AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO WITH IT.  It is over, kiss goodbye to sleekness.

If it rains, and you get caught in the rain, you may get five minutes where your hair is damp and it looks GOOD, you can get rain ringlets, the halo that usually surrounds your hair will be flattened and you cannot stop staring at your hair that is weighted down with rain. And then it dries.

You are your hair's bitch now. YOU LOSE.

Carry hair bobbles.

Don't get me wrong, I like having thick hair. I am so mean to my hair that I am shocked it still hangs around, however. Just once I would like beach waves. Ronald MacDonald is so 1990's isn't it?

Who else suffers from thick hair with a brain of it's own?

Let me know how you manage to tame it, or have you learnt to just go with the flow too?

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I have a thick hair too and slat spray - No way! So I feel your pain, sis. If you ever find a way to control your hair let me know it :D

  2. As a super thick haired, curly girl I feel your pain! I swear by Matrix Smooth shampoo and conditioner (1L bottles are my saviour!) and John Frieda frizz ease gel! X

  3. YES. This is my life, forever and ever.

    Mainly I go worth the flow - but only wash it 2-3x a week, it doesn't tend to get greasy really unless I use silicone heavy conditioners.
    Really love the Schwarzkopf Bonacure repair mask (£6-7 a tub on offer at Escentual.com usually!
    Bumble & bumble hairdressers oil primer is a total necessity for me too (or a leave in conditioner spray), and a balm of some sort...usually!

    Big hair Bears unite!

    Faith xx

  4. My hair isn't thick but it's naturally curly and loves to play similar games to me. It loves surprising me, some days it can dry naturally to nice curls other days I look like I've shoved my fingers in a plug socket!! Loved this post. Also tried a tresemme salt spray recently which just literally sucked all the moisture from my hair, crunchy isn't beachy chic waves!! M xxx

  5. Yep. I'm with you. My hairdresser has to open up an hour early so that she has time to colour, wash, cut and dry my hair - apparently she wants time for other customers too...

    Coconut oil is the best thing, but honestly just not washing it very often is the only coping mechanism. I wash twice a week and have about 3-4 "easy" up-dos that I have sort-of mastered, all of which give me chronic arm-ache, two of which I have to actually lie down to accomplish.

  6. I feel your pain! My hairs so thick, when I do face going to the hairdresser it looks like they're trying to battle some sort of ferocious sea monster on my head! I tend to go with the flow though, I was it daily, let it dry naturally and pray the weight of it keeps it tame! A few weeks ago I actually took the plunge and gave myself a mini undercut - I absolutely love it! When my hairs down you'd never know I had one, but it means theirs less hair to manage when I wear it up!

  7. My hair makes me want to cry. It may be short now but there is a hella lotta hair on my head and I tell you it's bloody hard to style unless I want to blowdry it. That is all I get. GRRRRR!
    Bee xxx
    <a href="http://queenbeady.com/aztec-style-queenbeady/''>QueenBeady.com</a>

  8. The up do bit is spot on!!!! I use sulphate free shampoo which helps and have it layered to reduce volume but essentially, I have 2 styles, a pony tail or down!!!!!

  9. I have thick, fine hair.....there is a bugger of a lot of it but each strand is so fine that it is both lifeless & huge at the same time........hence the pixie cut :)

    Sally x


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