Monday, 13 July 2015

Pretty Much Everything Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

I am a big lass, I'm overweight, and you know what? That's ok. I lose weight, I put it on, it never changes me as a person and I can honestly say that, at my thinnest, I was no happier or unhappier than at my biggest. My weight doesn't define me as a person, a friend, a lover or an enemy.

I was looking at the saying, used by many as an inspirational quote when they are trying to lose weight,

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" 

Well that is total bollocks. There are MANY MANY MANY things out there that taste as good as skinny feels. Firstly, before I give you a list of foods that will give you a food boner, why are we even comparing eating to body shape? Is it the assumption that all food that tastes good will make you put on weight? Jesus, no wonder we don't know whether we are coming or going? I'm not going to sit here and say that you can eat anything that you want to in moderation, probably because I have the self control of Kim Kardashian when given a mirror and a camera phone....... None, and you don't need me to preach to you what you can and can't eat, your body, your rules, your choice. 

But I digress, I was thinking about food that tastes as good as skinny feels. So here is my list, and I would LOVE to know what yours is too. 

Hot buttered toast and jam. 

Cheeseburgers, preferably with an onion ring or three thrown in. 

Crisp, juicy bright green apples. 

Cake, all cake, I don't mean a slice of cake, if I'd have meant a slice of cake, I'd have said a slice. Give me the cake, and some time. 

Oooooh Brownies, preferably these ones.

(food boner, am I right?) 

Sushi, vegetable Sushi. 



Cheesy bacon. 

I am now hungry. 

What is your food list? Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. I'll admit I do want to be a bit slimmer than I am now as that's how I prefer my body to look like, but food is just SO GOOOD. Here's my list:

    Pizza with lots of tomato sauce on the base with garlic sauce
    Peshwari naan bread with mango chutney
    A really really good Subway sandwich with lots of southwest sauce
    A massive cheeseburger with chilli jam
    Sweet and sour chicken and prawn crackers
    Pulled pork or brisket with loads of BBQ sauce
    BBQ sauce on anything tbh
    Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake
    M&S lasagna because omg
    Nandos because mango and lime sauce is the dream
    Strawberry milkshake always
    Sweet potato fries with feta (seriously, mindblowing)
    More cheese
    Damn dairy making my skin bad


  2. Hey, welcome back we've (i've) missed you.... Ok food, long list coming up...
    Montezuma's chilli and lime chocolate
    Welsh extra mature cheddar cheese
    Mackrel in tomato sauce on toast (dont judge me)
    Fresh English strawberries
    Cauliflower cheese
    Apple pie with clotted cream
    Crumpets toasted over a real fire with proper butter

  3. I hate that 'inspirational' saying!
    I have to admit that I would prefer to be slimmer, I'm trying to eat better at the moment, but I'm not making any food off limits.
    Love your list, mmhmmm

  4. Popcorn
    Hot Sausage Rolls
    Cheese Toasties
    Garlic Bread
    Hash Browns and Bacon
    Hot Buttered Mashed Potatoes with Spring Onions
    Chips with Garlic Sauce
    Smoked Chicken from the Chinese with those nice Onions
    Crackers and Cheese
    Cornish Pasties
    Salmon en Croute

    Pretty much anything wrapped in pastry, tbh.

    Absolutely starving right now.

  5. Pizza, beer .... Pizza and beer... Beer and pizza . But I am dieting yay! And despite the yummy food I have lost 15lb

    But yeah, most food tastes better than skinny feels if I'm honest

  6. Cheese
    A good burger with onion rings
    A Greek meze especially hot pitta bread and calamari
    Piping hot fish and chips with curry sauce
    A Sunday roast with roast pork, goose fat potato's a massive Yorkshire pudding creamed leeks and cauliflower cheese
    Hot chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream
    A root beer float
    Lobster with butter
    Steak with peppercorn sauce
    Eggs Benedict
    I could go on and on and on.

  7. It's such an insulting saying.
    My list:
    New Dairy Milk Oat Crunches
    Twirls dipped in tea
    Curry, cooked the proper way in ghee
    Thai green curry with rice
    Fish Pie
    Cheese and Onion Chutney
    Chips with ALL the ketchup
    A medium burger with gherkins and cheese
    Vanilla cake
    Angel cak
    Custard creams
    Sausages, black pudding and eggs
    Just food. I like food.

  8. Dominos, cake, bacon butties, fry ups, chocolate spread sandwiches, Pot noodles, crisps, burgers and fish finger sandwiches! I am hungry now! x

  9. Mmm okay, this list is gonna be long;
    A bacon cheeseburger with BBQ sauce
    Salt and pepper chicken wings from the Chinese
    Reece's peanut butter cups
    Mint choc chip ice cream
    Mojis pizza
    Crisps - and lots of them
    Galaxy chocolate
    Chicken and bacon sandwich
    Chicken bhuna
    Red Thai curry
    Sausage rolls
    Erm, do I dare go on????
    Bee xxx

  10. Hummus, jacket potatoes, stir fries, Lotus biscuit spread, veggie curry, peshwari nan, falafel, veggie burgers, onion rings, vegan ice cream, mashed potato, pasta. Not all at once, mind. ;) xx

  11. Just reading the post and looking at the comments have made me hungry.
    Hope that you're having an amazing day!
    Chocolate/Carrot/Lemon Cake (I'm not a fan of Victoria Sponge based cakes)
    Stuffed Pasta (eg Chicken & Rosemary Ravioli)
    Falafel with pitta.
    Roasted red peppers


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