Thursday, 16 July 2015

Stop Trying To Make Bronde Happen


for some reason, even HEARING the word Bronde, is enough to set me off on a rage that is so strong only chocolate and hugs are enough to calm me down. 

Bronde? Bronde? A mixture of brown and blonde, are we THAT lazy that we cannot say two words now? We have to compress it into one. 

I'm sure that when I was growing up, we called it mousy. A mousy blonde? Now granted, I can't see that working on a packet of dye. "oooooooh I really fancy going mousy blonde" but Bronde is REALLY getting annoying. 

What do you think about Bronde? Is it fabulous? Do you describe yourself as Bronde, or are you in the same camp as me and roll your eyes whenever you hear it.

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista x x 



  1. I'm on the side which rolls my eyes when I hear it....It's mousey brown for goodness sake!

  2. I like the concept, I'm working my way towards it... but the name.... the name. Oh god the NAME.

  3. Its a home highlighting kit ffs!!

  4. Oh that winds me up as soon as I hear it!! For some reason it really puts me on edge, it is not a thing!!

    Kariss x

  5. There's bronde and there's chillax and both fill me with hot hatred. Really. Just stop it. Now.Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  6. It's ridiculous. The advert which features it has me saying: "Bronde? Are you kidding? It's brown with blonde highlights, that's it.

  7. I've never heard of it, what the fuck is Bronde? Light brown? Dirty blonde? Bronde isn't a thing, it doesn't exist!!

  8. URGH I had exactly the same thoughts when I first saw that advert! IT'S NEVER GOING TO BE A THING! Glad someone else agrees! xx Sophie/

  9. Ahaha, I was the same when I saw the ad first I really dislike J.Lo! It's not a bronde, they're are bloody highlights :D :D Now I just simply switch the channel, why bother, right ;)

    Dash Xx


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