Monday, 17 August 2015

Taxi For Kellie

I have come to the conclusion that there are only ever two sentences that I say to cab drivers. 

"Evening, drive, been busy?"

(I'm originally from East London, "drive " is like a term of endearment, honest) 


"Been on for long?"

(in this case, I am asking him how long he has been working his shift for, I'm not enquiring about his menstrual cycle) 

Am I alone in this? Why is it that we are incapable of getting in a cab without saying these two sentences? Even if I spend the whole journey in silence, by the end I am shaking with the need to enquire whether the aforementioned driver has been busy or not, PLUS, it is rude to ask the cab driver to turn up his music if you haven't first asked him if he has been working for a long time. 

Pro-tip, if you want to ask the cab driver to change the radio station, not only ask him if he has been busy, but wait for him to reply and then sympathise with him, before you know it, you can even get the driver to change the channel to KISS FM if you want. This works better if the drunken missy in the front also tells the driver that his music is shit. 

But I digress, I wonder exactly how many times a day Mr Cabbie is asked those questions, I wonder if he is now offended if you DON'T ask these questions? 

I also wonder if I am alone in asking these questions, I will press publish and everyone will go.... "she asks, WHAT?"

So let me know. 

Big Fashionista 


  1. I very rarely use taxis, but I do feel compelled to thank the bus driver every time I get off the bus. Incidently we call drivers 'drive' here in the west country too x

  2. You are not alone! I thought those two questions were taxi etiquette....

  3. It's like the sketch from Peter Kay with all the things you probably shouldn't ask a Taxi Driver but can't help yourself!

  4. You should live near me, the taxi driver's don't give you a chance to talk they just talk at you lol

    Kariss x

  5. Yep,me too... By the way, God I love that pick... Nom, not vom


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