Friday, 25 September 2015

Nom Or Vom

If you are over a certain age, and I'm not saying what that age is, then you will have a long-standing knowledge of who this guy is.

As a teen, I loved him, (and I really thought, for many years, that he was american) some found him arrogant and others hated him. Everyone had a strong opinion on this guy. 

I wonder if it is the same today? 

So Ladies and Gents, I bring you, 


Dexter Fletcher through the ages, right there. 

So I ask you, as I always do on a Friday,

Dexter Fletcher?

Nom or Vom? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X 


Monday, 21 September 2015

Hotter Shoes, Shoes With Sole.

I love Shoes, I REALLY love shoes. Shoes are not just something that I slip on my feet, shoes begin and finish an outfit. They are the touch that, for me, make an outfit special.

I own far too many pairs of shoes, yet, I do not own enough shoes.

(All those that just nodded and agreed, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE) 

So when Hotter Shoes invited me to their brand new Leeds store to take a look at all their shoes and TRY THEM ON, I was in heaven. (I say invited me, I actually begged for an invite, I'm not proud, I love Hotter Shoes) 

Now what I didn't know is, almost everyone knows who Hotter Shoes are. Apparently, your mum and nan would have owned a pair of Hotter Shoes and they did have a reputation for being "old lady shoes)

Well, spank my bum and call me grandma because, if these are old lady shoes, then I am happy to be an old lady.

big fashionista

big fashionista

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

These are the sort of shoes that I love, comfortable AND stylish. I own plenty of pretty shoes that are too uncomfortable to wear but every pair of shoes that I tried on in-store were like putting my feet into an old pair of slippers, and by the state of the store halfway through the evening, I can safely assume that the other bloggers feel the same. 

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

I was gifted a pair of Hotter shoes to take away with me that evening and I narrowed it down to one of two pairs quite quickly,

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

I then walked around for twenty minutes with one of each pair on my feet, wailing that it was toooooooo hard to make a decision. (I am a drama queen, I accept this)

I consoled myself with some food,

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

before choosing the teal boots to be my forever friends. I have since worn them to another event and found them to be the most COMFORTABLE heels that I have ever worn. EVER.

My name is Kellie and I am now a Hotter Shoes fan forever.

You can check out Hotter Shoes here   they also have stores based across the country. The Leeds store are going to end up knowing me by name.

Have you heard of Hotter Shoes before?

Do you own a pair or six?

What is your favourite style?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


Friday, 18 September 2015

Nom Or Vom

Remember when we all decided it was time to get serious about tying our hair up in a bun? Oh come on, you must remember, we all spent hours watching tutorials on Facebook of that man showing us how to tie the perfect bun. I watched it so many times that I am now a bun tying MASTER.

Well that man is Brock O'Hurn and to say thank you for all his help with my bun tying skills I thought I should stare at him inappropriately a little longer.

This week's Nom or Vom,

Ladies and Gentlemen, the highly talented, Brock O'Hurn. 

Thank you Brock, for all that you bring to my life.

What do we think, ladies and gents?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know. 

Big Fashionista X X 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thighbrows, Or How The Media Wants UsTo Hate Ourselves.

I am SICK SICK SICK to the back teeth of the media thinking that we are idiots. For every article about body positivity, there are 20 out there that talk about how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD wear and the RULES of owning our body.

The latest "craze" is the Thighbrow. The thighbrow is the crease your skin makes at the top of your thigh apparently.

Their are magazines out there that for the last few weeks have hyped up the thighbrow as if it is a new law brought in by Jeremy Corbyn. They have shared instagram pictures of the Kardashians and internet masturbated over them harder than me on Tom Hardy's Myspace page.

Then once they have body shamed everyone enough, THEN the media tell us not to worry about thighbrows.


The phenomenon that YOU CREATED to body shame and give you an excuse to post swim wear pics of teenagers, NOW you don't want people to give a flying fuck about?

Grazia UK Tweeted, "What the heck is a #Thighbrow(and why you shouldn't give a damn about it)"

(Note the hashtag, they are going to ride that bitch like Seabiscuit.)

Why in 2015 must the media be so controlling over OUR bodies? Why must the next generation of women be TOLD what kind of body they should have, only to be told a week later that they shouldn't have it, or they shouldn't worry about it. MIXED MESSAGES.

Don't hand women a shit sandwich, tell us to eat it and then lecture us on the calories in it afterwards. 

Thighbrows, Eyebrows, Toned arms, tattoos. The glossy magazines WANT us to feel bad about ourselves so that they can sell us things to make us feel better about the way THEY HAVE MADE US FEEL.

What do you think?

Share with me your thoughts.

Big Fashionista x x x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Ladies Day at St Leger with Ladbrokes

Last minute invites are aways fun, aren't they? On Tuesday evening at about 10pm I was invited to St Leger, Ladies Day at Doncaster Race Track, on THURSDAY.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, (and a free bar) I calmly took myself to the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds on Wednesday and walked out an hour later with a new hat and dress, ready to join some other fabulous bloggers at Doncaster for #LadbrokesLadiesDay.

Once again, Simply Be did NOT let me down. I went straight to their store in the White Rose, knowing that I would find the perfect dress for me.

The dress I purchased from Simply Be is a Lovedrobe dress, which is available in black and white and is available online up to a size 32. Take a look -> Lovedrobe Crochet Lace Midi Skater Dress 

I was joined by some fabulous bloggers. Some I have worked with before, some I hadn't met before and others that I unfortunately just didn't get a chance to have a chat with, like I wanted to. (sorry, Holly. Next time, I promise) 

Everyone looked fabulous, as always. We all had a fantastic time in one of the dining areas which included table service, and also included the rather wonderful James who attended to almost our every need. (Everyone needs a James to top up their glass) 

Ladies Day is ALWAYS about the hats, the bigger the better, right? I stealthily took some pictures of my favourite hats, (although I still maintain that mine was better) 

Every time I saw a hat full of feathers, I just thought. "Those poor naked chickens, all wandering around cold now"

St Leger was a fantastic day, Thank you so much to Ladbrokes for their hospitality, and if you have never been to the racing, I HIGHLY recommend going, I even WON, on a couple of races, (It paid for the dress, at least) 

Have you ever been to the races? I enjoyed the chance to dress up, and any opportunity I get to buy a new dress is always grabbed with both hands, how about you? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x x 


Friday, 11 September 2015

Nom or Vom

Ok, so this Nom or Vom is actually a special request by my daughter. Apparently she cannot even. 

Who knew? 

Ladies and Gents, I give you 

Colin O'Donoghue.

So what do we think?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

School Uniform Policy, Fair or a Breach Of Human Rights?

I think it is safe to say that I am a fan of brightly coloured hair. I am currently rocking blue hair but have been every colour from lilac to orange and pretty much every shade in-between.

big fashionista

This week, as the school gates open and kids of all ages start to go back to school, already I am fed up of newspaper articles full of whinging kids and their parents who are complaining that their crotchfruit has been sent home from school because their hair does not meet the school standard.

This article in the Metro tipped me over the edge.

This young lady went to school with a leopard print hair cut and didn't think that the school should have a problem with it.

Now I love a bit of leopard print but FOR FUCKS SAKE. THIS IS SCHOOL. They have a uniform policy and whether you agree with it or not, THAT IS THE RULE.

What makes it worse is her mother is whinging to the media that her daughters human rights have been breached.


Your daughters human rights have been breached if she has been sold into slavery, your daughters human rights have been breached if she has been tortured, or not given the freedom to practice her religion and unless the god to which she worships is Bet Lynch then NO, her human rights have not been breached. 

Is it unfair?

Possibly, I am all for being as creative as possible. Over the summer my 15yr old daughter had purple hair, but you know what? First day back at school she walked in with hair that will (just about) pass the dress code.

IF this child wanted to be a leopard then she had all damn summer to be a leopard and fair play to her, I won't judge but the school has made the rules and they are to be obeyed. Pretty much every school now has a strict policy on hair colour and trends. SUCK IT UP.

But you know what kids, THAT IS LIFE. In life there are rules that have to be obeyed. You can't challenge the rules and then whinge that your human rights have been breached. That makes a mockery of every person in the world who currently are having their human rights breached.

School uniform policy can be a pain in the arse, but the rules are set out clearly for everyone to follow, why should they get special treatment?

What do you think? Is school uniform policy too strict? Should teenagers be able to have their hair how they want and express themselves creatively? OR are the rules there to help protect the children from themselves, (and their stupid mothers)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Positano Dress By Gemma Collins

Can you ever go wrong with a Maxi dress that makes you feel like a flamenco dancer?

Of course you can't, don't ask silly questions.

I am a big fan of the Gemma Collins brand. Previously I reviewed the Georgia dress on the blog, if you missed it, you can read here -> and I have my eye on a couple of other dresses to see me through the party season.

Gemma Collins really GETS what it is like to be plus size. None of her clothes are designed to hide away in, they celebrate bodies, they hug you tight and make you feel special, none of this shrinking into the background in a Gemma Collins dress. Put the dress on, put on some heels and slick on some lipstick because in a Gemma Collins dress, trust me, you will feel amazing.

The dress I chose this time is the Positano, a Maxi dress with a beautiful ruffle. Now I am the first to admit that I do not like the tops of my arms so this dress is perfect for me as I get to bare my shoulders.

Big Fashionista

The dress is a little long but I am wearing sandals and I am only 5ft 4" (Also I liked lifting it up a little, It made me feel all swishy, don't judge me)

The Positino dress by Gemma Collins is available now, perfect for the Indian Summer we have been promised later this month. You can check out the whole collection here and let me know what you are loving.

Big Fashionista x x x

*PR Sample

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why I Don't Always Respond To Comments On My Blog

I see a lot of blogger chats and read a lot "How to be a fantastic Blogger" posts that talk, in great detail about responding to comments.  (I say, read them, I mean, skim through that shit, I'm already a fantastic blogger, yo) Responding to comments is apparently, essential. It is the sign of a fantastic blogger babe who has his/her shit together.

Now, I DO respond to some comments, but not all. And here is why.

Firstly, if I am posting my opinion, be it a post about feminism, education or even why I think Tom Hardy and his dog is the greatest gift ever given to the world, I explain my viewpoint and people who have read my post then comment at the bottom and give their opinion. When someone reads my opinion, and then takes the time to leave me a comment. Why should I shit all over that? I have my opinion, they have theirs, and neither one of us is more right than the other one. I see comments as a welcome extension of my post and I have many readers who comment, who are MUCH cleverer than I, who leave well-thought out comments that articulate my thoughts better than I ever could. (Plus they use less swear words) and I am always extremely grateful for their comments. If someone takes the time to read my post and comment, even to disagree with me, I do think that it is a way of balancing my post, without me then firing back into them saying that I disagree with them disagreeing with me.

(Am I even making any sense here?) 

Another reason why I do not always respond to comments is, that I do not have my shit together. Not even close, I am a busy mum of three who took the summer off of blogging to concentrate on my family and friends. I didn't give a stuff about my DA, PR or how low my bounce rate was. Sometimes, I just forget to respond. What can I say, I am a bad, bad person who occasionally gets it wrong.

Are comments read and appreciated? Hell YES. I love comments, they feed my soul. (if not my children) If you have ever commented on a post or do so in the future and you would think it needs a response and I haven't got back to you, prod me, HARD. Don't think I am intentionally ignoring your comment. Sometimes I just think as the original poster, I shouldn't then come back to your comment and piss all over it or tell you that I think you are wrong, or missed my point or I disagree.

Your comment brings an extra depth to my post, is a different point of view, something MORE than my post was originally.

So that is why I do not always respond to comments.

Am I wrong? Who knows, according to a lot of "How to be a fantastic blogger" posts, I am very wrong. But when have I ever played by the blogger rules anyway?

PS, I am BACK from having the summer off. My monsters beloved children go back to school tomorrow and I am ready to BLOG MY ARSE OFF.

big fashionista

Is it too much to ask you to comment and let me know your thoughts?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


Friday, 4 September 2015

Nom or Vom

Bet you think it was gone forever, right?

Well Nom or Vom has returned in all its glory and to mark its return, I am bringing you, the gloriously talented hot young actor who is so big right now that almost no one should comment, "but WHO is he?" 

Ladies and gents, for the return of Nom or Vom, I bring you. 


What do we think? Does Eddie get you ready? 

Nom or Vom? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Style Has No Size?

I received an email this morning, from a PR company associated with UK Plus Size Fashion Week that made me sigh. 

I've already ranted all across social media, but I wanted to just be able to go into a little more detail than sometimes 140 characters can give you. 

This is the picture that I was asked to share. From Evans, using the hashtag, #StyleHasNoSize 

My INSTANT reaction is, aren't they thin? For a retailer that goes up to a size 32 in some styles, they seem to have picked five models that wouldn't be out of place in a Robert Palmer video. They are like photocopies of each other, five tall and dare I say it? CURVY women, these women are not fat, they do not show the range of women that shop at Evans and this picture does not say to me that style has no size? 

Style obviously has a SHAPE though, as these women who are all TALL as well, are shaped in the same way. If style has no size, why not show the same outfit on a short girl? A fat girl, a short fat girl. 

Show some diversity, add some colour as well? Like the customers who shop at Evans. 

This image does not make me want to buy my clothes from Evans, or attend plus size fashion week. 

I would love your thoughts on this, in a place where you don't have to be restricted to 140 characters or less. 

Let me know your thoughts. 

Big Fashionista x x x 
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