Monday, 21 September 2015

Hotter Shoes, Shoes With Sole.

I love Shoes, I REALLY love shoes. Shoes are not just something that I slip on my feet, shoes begin and finish an outfit. They are the touch that, for me, make an outfit special.

I own far too many pairs of shoes, yet, I do not own enough shoes.

(All those that just nodded and agreed, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE) 

So when Hotter Shoes invited me to their brand new Leeds store to take a look at all their shoes and TRY THEM ON, I was in heaven. (I say invited me, I actually begged for an invite, I'm not proud, I love Hotter Shoes) 

Now what I didn't know is, almost everyone knows who Hotter Shoes are. Apparently, your mum and nan would have owned a pair of Hotter Shoes and they did have a reputation for being "old lady shoes)

Well, spank my bum and call me grandma because, if these are old lady shoes, then I am happy to be an old lady.

big fashionista

big fashionista

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

These are the sort of shoes that I love, comfortable AND stylish. I own plenty of pretty shoes that are too uncomfortable to wear but every pair of shoes that I tried on in-store were like putting my feet into an old pair of slippers, and by the state of the store halfway through the evening, I can safely assume that the other bloggers feel the same. 

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

I was gifted a pair of Hotter shoes to take away with me that evening and I narrowed it down to one of two pairs quite quickly,

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

I then walked around for twenty minutes with one of each pair on my feet, wailing that it was toooooooo hard to make a decision. (I am a drama queen, I accept this)

I consoled myself with some food,

Big Fashionista

Big Fashionista

before choosing the teal boots to be my forever friends. I have since worn them to another event and found them to be the most COMFORTABLE heels that I have ever worn. EVER.

My name is Kellie and I am now a Hotter Shoes fan forever.

You can check out Hotter Shoes here   they also have stores based across the country. The Leeds store are going to end up knowing me by name.

Have you heard of Hotter Shoes before?

Do you own a pair or six?

What is your favourite style?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x



  1. You made the right choice those shoes look gorgeous!

  2. Those shoes are so YOU! I'm so glad you got them & they match your hair too, you gorgeous thing you.
    Bee |

    Ps. I love your random photo of geese.

  3. Shoes - where do I start, a girl can't have too many shoes. Love them - I like the green pair you show here. I've never heard of hotter shoes, but will take a look. Stop by the blog sometime :-)

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