Monday, 14 September 2015

Ladies Day at St Leger with Ladbrokes

Last minute invites are aways fun, aren't they? On Tuesday evening at about 10pm I was invited to St Leger, Ladies Day at Doncaster Race Track, on THURSDAY.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, (and a free bar) I calmly took myself to the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds on Wednesday and walked out an hour later with a new hat and dress, ready to join some other fabulous bloggers at Doncaster for #LadbrokesLadiesDay.

Once again, Simply Be did NOT let me down. I went straight to their store in the White Rose, knowing that I would find the perfect dress for me.

The dress I purchased from Simply Be is a Lovedrobe dress, which is available in black and white and is available online up to a size 32. Take a look -> Lovedrobe Crochet Lace Midi Skater Dress 

I was joined by some fabulous bloggers. Some I have worked with before, some I hadn't met before and others that I unfortunately just didn't get a chance to have a chat with, like I wanted to. (sorry, Holly. Next time, I promise) 

Everyone looked fabulous, as always. We all had a fantastic time in one of the dining areas which included table service, and also included the rather wonderful James who attended to almost our every need. (Everyone needs a James to top up their glass) 

Ladies Day is ALWAYS about the hats, the bigger the better, right? I stealthily took some pictures of my favourite hats, (although I still maintain that mine was better) 

Every time I saw a hat full of feathers, I just thought. "Those poor naked chickens, all wandering around cold now"

St Leger was a fantastic day, Thank you so much to Ladbrokes for their hospitality, and if you have never been to the racing, I HIGHLY recommend going, I even WON, on a couple of races, (It paid for the dress, at least) 

Have you ever been to the races? I enjoyed the chance to dress up, and any opportunity I get to buy a new dress is always grabbed with both hands, how about you? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x x 



  1. looks so fun

  2. You look gorgeous! :) Sounds like a fab day out hon. Wish I could go to things like that, no chance living out in the middle of nowhere! >_<

  3. My mum made me wear a green corduroy suit and tie to Kempton in 1976 because she'd heard on the radio that the Queen would be there. She didn't turn up, but at least I won more than my Dad that day... :)

  4. haha, i love the stealthy hat photos! you look stunning, it's lovely that everyone made such an effort x

  5. You looked absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had such a fun day x

  6. I have been to the races loads (dads a big fan). My favourite was Chester races we went for my dads 50th and had a tour which included seeing all the jockeys areas ect. Definitely worth doing. You looked lovely in your dress. 😀 x


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