Friday, 25 September 2015

Nom Or Vom

If you are over a certain age, and I'm not saying what that age is, then you will have a long-standing knowledge of who this guy is.

As a teen, I loved him, (and I really thought, for many years, that he was american) some found him arrogant and others hated him. Everyone had a strong opinion on this guy. 

I wonder if it is the same today? 

So Ladies and Gents, I bring you, 


Dexter Fletcher through the ages, right there. 

So I ask you, as I always do on a Friday,

Dexter Fletcher?

Nom or Vom? 

Let me know.

Big Fashionista X X 



  1. I can see why some like him, but it's a big massive vom from me! >_<

  2. A very confusing nom! I'm not sure why but there's something there!

    Kimberley xx

  3. going with my first thought... NOM!

  4. AH Press Gang x It's a nom from me but I have no idea why lol

  5. I am of that age and know who he is. It's a bit nom but also a bit vom - can't decide!

  6. Nom with a beard .. I love a beard but a Vom without.

  7. Aw you always pick the tough ones, I don't know, a bit of both, overridingly saying nom though because I like that he's a bit vom! Haha!


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