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School Uniform Policy, Fair or a Breach Of Human Rights?

I think it is safe to say that I am a fan of brightly coloured hair. I am currently rocking blue hair but have been every colour from lilac to orange and pretty much every shade in-between.

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This week, as the school gates open and kids of all ages start to go back to school, already I am fed up of newspaper articles full of whinging kids and their parents who are complaining that their crotchfruit has been sent home from school because their hair does not meet the school standard.

This article in the Metro tipped me over the edge.

This young lady went to school with a leopard print hair cut and didn't think that the school should have a problem with it.

Now I love a bit of leopard print but FOR FUCKS SAKE. THIS IS SCHOOL. They have a uniform policy and whether you agree with it or not, THAT IS THE RULE.

What makes it worse is her mother is whinging to the media that her daughters human rights have been breached.


Your daughters human rights have been breached if she has been sold into slavery, your daughters human rights have been breached if she has been tortured, or not given the freedom to practice her religion and unless the god to which she worships is Bet Lynch then NO, her human rights have not been breached. 

Is it unfair?

Possibly, I am all for being as creative as possible. Over the summer my 15yr old daughter had purple hair, but you know what? First day back at school she walked in with hair that will (just about) pass the dress code.

IF this child wanted to be a leopard then she had all damn summer to be a leopard and fair play to her, I won't judge but the school has made the rules and they are to be obeyed. Pretty much every school now has a strict policy on hair colour and trends. SUCK IT UP.

But you know what kids, THAT IS LIFE. In life there are rules that have to be obeyed. You can't challenge the rules and then whinge that your human rights have been breached. That makes a mockery of every person in the world who currently are having their human rights breached.

School uniform policy can be a pain in the arse, but the rules are set out clearly for everyone to follow, why should they get special treatment?

What do you think? Is school uniform policy too strict? Should teenagers be able to have their hair how they want and express themselves creatively? OR are the rules there to help protect the children from themselves, (and their stupid mothers)

Let me know

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  1. Yes I agree with you on this.. School is about conforming like it or not.

  2. People like this are going to get a shock when they enter the world of work and have to stick to stricter uniform policies, leopard hair definitely won't be allowed then!

  3. I sincerely hope that Bet Lynch doesn't start her own religion.

    Also, her human rights have not been breached, she simply looks like a teenager having a strop.

  4. I agree with you on this. School sets you up for working life and if you rock up to an interview with hair like this there are employers who will see it/you as unsuitable!

  5. Definitely agree with you. There are times that I think that the school rules can't be bent a tiny bit or a ridiculous (hear the one about a U.S. School that doesn't allow students to show their shoulders) but in this case, leopard print hair? Really?!?! On what earth is that considered school appropriate??

  6. Rules are rules - simple fact! I completely agree with you in this post.

  7. As a previous teacher, I found this VERY interesting! I have to agree with you! Sometimes, we have to conform. I can't say it's right, nor wrong, but schools are there to educate not for people to be making a fashion statement! x

  8. I've had my hair every colour going, I have piercings. I love the alt scene and I have a very physically expressive group of friends, many who are heavily into body mods, so how d I feel about this? I agree with you, you can't dress how you ant all the times. It wouldn't be appropriate in te real world so why would it be at school.

  9. I've had my hair every colour under the sun and I'm a teacher. I wasn't allowed to colour my hair at school so it's nothing new. Why is it suddenly news?! Part of school is learning lessons about following the rules and presenting yourself well ready for the real world. What really annoys me about these news stories are the indignant parents, all schools send out a uniform code so why to they think they're so special that they can ignore it?!

  10. Such an interesting topic! I went through a lot of hair colours, had a lot of piercings and wore too much make up in school - the hair was sometimes pushing it but it was the piercings and make up that got me told off now and then, and as a kid it's a pain - but you get over it, and you certainly didn't expect your parents to back you up for looking like a wally.
    As for school being there to prepare you for the workplace I'm not so sure, generally in life weird hair cuts can be grown out, you can dye it a natural shade and piercings can be taken out, so it's relatively easy to conform if you really have to - but there are many places which will employ you based on your skills and don't mind about crazy hair and tattoos and all that, and personally I find these the best places to work as they're less corporate and the people are more like-minded to myself - I think that if kids don't grow out of the alt look there are still plenty of opportunities for them in life.
    However, despite all that I wouldn't stand by my future kids if they wanted to break the rules, simply because I've grown up to become a huge advocate of natural beauty and would hope to pass that onto them, and I also see the dress code as an effort to protect kids who can't afford the latest trends from bullying.
    Great post!


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