Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thighbrows, Or How The Media Wants UsTo Hate Ourselves.

I am SICK SICK SICK to the back teeth of the media thinking that we are idiots. For every article about body positivity, there are 20 out there that talk about how we SHOULD look, what we SHOULD wear and the RULES of owning our body.

The latest "craze" is the Thighbrow. The thighbrow is the crease your skin makes at the top of your thigh apparently.

Their are magazines out there that for the last few weeks have hyped up the thighbrow as if it is a new law brought in by Jeremy Corbyn. They have shared instagram pictures of the Kardashians and internet masturbated over them harder than me on Tom Hardy's Myspace page.

Then once they have body shamed everyone enough, THEN the media tell us not to worry about thighbrows.


The phenomenon that YOU CREATED to body shame and give you an excuse to post swim wear pics of teenagers, NOW you don't want people to give a flying fuck about?

Grazia UK Tweeted, "What the heck is a #Thighbrow(and why you shouldn't give a damn about it)"

(Note the hashtag, they are going to ride that bitch like Seabiscuit.)

Why in 2015 must the media be so controlling over OUR bodies? Why must the next generation of women be TOLD what kind of body they should have, only to be told a week later that they shouldn't have it, or they shouldn't worry about it. MIXED MESSAGES.

Don't hand women a shit sandwich, tell us to eat it and then lecture us on the calories in it afterwards. 

Thighbrows, Eyebrows, Toned arms, tattoos. The glossy magazines WANT us to feel bad about ourselves so that they can sell us things to make us feel better about the way THEY HAVE MADE US FEEL.

What do you think?

Share with me your thoughts.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Sweet crap on a stick - will the madness ever end? Just when you think you've heard it all, you hear something else. Thighbrows... WTAF?!

    1. I absolutely hate how the glossy mags create the problem then try to spoon feed us the solution. Three quarters of mags telling us how someone has let themselves go/got eye bags/looks old and then add in an article about loving yourself. They can get fucked.

  2. Sorry I pressed publish before I meant to, it's a case of anything to sell magazines. Eat beans to lose weight, don't eat beans to lose weight, stand on one leg and hop up and's like a game of Simon says.

  3. ridiculous

  4. I honestly didn't care about anything other than masturbating to Tom Hardy!

  5. I'm trying to persuade my brother to trim his leg hair into a proper 'thigh brow' 😊 I'm hoping I'll be able to get him to post it before he goes back to uni :)

    Sally xx

  6. I have gone off all of the glossies for this kind of crap. I just cannot take it anymore, content based on social media, the Karshitians, rubber-faced 17 year olds hailed as fashion icons...seriously I cannot stand it. If I were the parent of a teenager I would be so concerned about this toxic crap. People should only write about it to shame it, just like you did here. Talking about it as if it's a trend we all need to know/take on is vomit-inducing.


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