Monday, 7 September 2015

Why I Don't Always Respond To Comments On My Blog

I see a lot of blogger chats and read a lot "How to be a fantastic Blogger" posts that talk, in great detail about responding to comments.  (I say, read them, I mean, skim through that shit, I'm already a fantastic blogger, yo) Responding to comments is apparently, essential. It is the sign of a fantastic blogger babe who has his/her shit together.

Now, I DO respond to some comments, but not all. And here is why.

Firstly, if I am posting my opinion, be it a post about feminism, education or even why I think Tom Hardy and his dog is the greatest gift ever given to the world, I explain my viewpoint and people who have read my post then comment at the bottom and give their opinion. When someone reads my opinion, and then takes the time to leave me a comment. Why should I shit all over that? I have my opinion, they have theirs, and neither one of us is more right than the other one. I see comments as a welcome extension of my post and I have many readers who comment, who are MUCH cleverer than I, who leave well-thought out comments that articulate my thoughts better than I ever could. (Plus they use less swear words) and I am always extremely grateful for their comments. If someone takes the time to read my post and comment, even to disagree with me, I do think that it is a way of balancing my post, without me then firing back into them saying that I disagree with them disagreeing with me.

(Am I even making any sense here?) 

Another reason why I do not always respond to comments is, that I do not have my shit together. Not even close, I am a busy mum of three who took the summer off of blogging to concentrate on my family and friends. I didn't give a stuff about my DA, PR or how low my bounce rate was. Sometimes, I just forget to respond. What can I say, I am a bad, bad person who occasionally gets it wrong.

Are comments read and appreciated? Hell YES. I love comments, they feed my soul. (if not my children) If you have ever commented on a post or do so in the future and you would think it needs a response and I haven't got back to you, prod me, HARD. Don't think I am intentionally ignoring your comment. Sometimes I just think as the original poster, I shouldn't then come back to your comment and piss all over it or tell you that I think you are wrong, or missed my point or I disagree.

Your comment brings an extra depth to my post, is a different point of view, something MORE than my post was originally.

So that is why I do not always respond to comments.

Am I wrong? Who knows, according to a lot of "How to be a fantastic blogger" posts, I am very wrong. But when have I ever played by the blogger rules anyway?

PS, I am BACK from having the summer off. My monsters beloved children go back to school tomorrow and I am ready to BLOG MY ARSE OFF.

big fashionista

Is it too much to ask you to comment and let me know your thoughts?

Let me know.

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  1. I think it is important and I'm trying to do it more, though often replies are weeks after the post! Unless you reply people don't know if you read the comment, some comments actually need a reply and if not a 'thanks for taking the time to read and comment' makes people more likely to bother again in the future. I think I'd stop commenting if I never got any feedback.

    1. I completely agree. I'm definitely trying to leave more comments on blogs as well. I think I ended up wandering off my main point a little. I think it was a case of when I write an opinion piece, sometimes I think it is best to leave my readers comment unchallenged so that the next reader can read my opinion and other posters opinions and make their own mind up.

      Have I just done it again, wandered off point? I may go back to bed. :D

    2. yes, I'm not a 'repy as soon as the comment appears' blogger - unless I happen to be blogging when the comment appears! so I guess people have time to all have a waffle before I get back to them! haha

  2. Honestly, I don't think it matters one bit. Those advice posts and chats make me eye roll a little anyway - they all seem to be very focussed on FBL bloggers and forget they're not the only contingent - not only that but I'd love to get into the what's and how's around what qualifiers make someone 'good' enough to give 'advice', but that's a whole other rant. (Winking face).

  3. I would rather a blogger only responded to a comment I made if they genuinely have something to say- in the same way that I only comment on a blog if I feel I have something to say. Commenting for the sake of commenting adds nothing. Hope that makes sense x

  4. Yes, I relate to this big-time. I stopped blogging over the summer, but that was largely because I had a mortgage to sort out and was also pissed off about the ridiculous argument that ensued between many bloggers over a charity campaign. It was all a bit school playground, and you know, I left school a loooooooooooooooooong time ago.

    Anyway, I am bad at replying to my comments. I love them, appreciate them and agree that they add depth to the post. I've had critical/challenging comments in the past, and they are the ones that I'm keen to respond to quickly. I don't want to be the person that goes quiet when challenged (I'm not that person in real life). I tend to simply thank them for their comment, rather than getting involved in online disputes - because I've been about long enough to realise that this gets ugly quickly, and it's frequently what the commenter wants you to do. Anyway, that's it from me, before I rapidly turn this comment into an entire blog post.


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