Monday, 12 October 2015

I do not give a.......

Do you know what the best thing about being 39 is?

Do you know what the best thing about being a STRONG, confident, happy and secure 39 year old woman is?

Let me tell you.

I do not give a flying fuck.

I do not care if someone doesn't like me.  (We cannot like, or be liked by everyone)

I do not care if someone cannot keep plans that we have arranged. (Plans can be rearranged)

I do not care if it rains on the school run. (So I get wet, I will dry)

I don't even mind if I step in horse shit on the pavement. (I live in a place where this happens)

I do NOT sweat the small stuff.

At 39 years old, I have found an inner peace and you know what? It is AMAZING.

How many people out there with blogs do you see who will tweet out, "So sorry I didn't blog today, guys. I got caught up at work/fell asleep/had to go out?

Why are you stressing?

What is the worst that can happen if you do not smear your words of wisdom or pictures of an outfit across the internet for a day or twelve?

I don't like cancelling plans on other people, but sometimes it has to be done and I never get upset if someone has to cancel plans we have made, we can always rearrange. It isn't the end of the world.

Of course, I stress about money, I worry about my children and right now I have a checklist for my wedding as long as my arm, but what will be, will be, regardless of how much I stress. I have learnt to let things go.

I remember in one of my first jobs, many many years ago, a colleague took an instant dislike to me. HATED ME, pretty much crossed herself whenever I walked into the room. I worried myself silly, trying to work out WHY didn't she like me. (I'm pretty awesome) WHAT had I done to make her hate me, and HOW could I make her like me. I would go out of my way to be nice to her, desperate for her to like me, and she never did.

Now at 39, I GET that we don't HAVE to like everyone, we don't even have to EXPLAIN why we don't like everyone, we can choose our friends, we can choose our enemies and not liking someone, or not being liked, is not the be all and end all.

Cry me a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

This is life. This is MY life and I have realised that I cannot control what happens in the world, I can only control how I react to it.

Is THIS what people mean when they say, Life begins at 40?

Because this knowledge is powerful, and liberating.

I like it.

Don't you?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x x



  1. this is awesome -- I've kind of gotten there but I'm still 24 so I know I still care

    Ray-Ban Giveaway on my blog!

  2. You rock! I am going to read this daily until it starts to hit home, I'm starting to get it, but I'm still far to concerned about stupid stuff :)

  3. I love you. Bloody good read xx

  4. At 34 I haven't given a fuck (about the small stuff) for a while. It's a good feeling. Nobody phases me. Life is too bloody short to have hang ups. Fair play to you.

  5. Oh I wish I was there with you! I still care, I wish I didn't, but I do *bashes self over head with your wise words*

  6. hahaha! Horse shit on the pavements happens here too. I live in a place where people do the school run on their horses. lol
    Life is too short to worry about things we can't change! Very well said! x

  7. A FRICKING MEN. I've been told that when you got mid thirties it kicks in, the whole "I am what I am and I'm of an age now that I probably ain't gonna change" like it or lump it. I still worry about stupid things so I can't wait to be enlightened.
    Bee xxx
    Ps. Who the hell couldn't like you???

  8. HELL YES MATE. Honestly, couldn't agree more with all of this. And I can vouch for your amazing not-give-a-fuckery (and general grown-up understanding) when I cancel or change plans on you ;) (what, me, cancel?! ;) ).

    I'm sure this comes into effect at 30, and then just marinates and gets stronger as time goes on. I've also learned to not give a fuck or energy to people who can't be bothered to return it. Radiators and drains... And all that.

    Giving my time and (may I say) awesomeness to those who deserve it. And those who don't? Who even are they anyway. I mean, REALLY. 😂Xx

  9. I hope I get there soon... it's fucking exhausting always worrying, but I can't seem to stop it! >_<

  10. And this is why I love you! I can't wait to get to where you are, I try but I am a naturally stressy person who is always convinced everyone hates me. Time to stop over thinking!


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