Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wedding Wednesday

So we have set the date.

May 14th 2016. 

Now there are two different camps, I say the date and half of the people say, "Oh, so ages then?" and then the other half say, "So soon? Wow, you are brave"




Seriously, bravery has nothing to do with it. If I was getting married over a pit of fire, whilst juggling knives and riding a unicycle, then, OK, we can bandy around the word bravery. But let us put bravery to one side for a second, whether you set a date 7 months in advance, or 3 years, you pick a date and work towards it, right?


(Please god, tell me that I can do this, and if someone even whispers the word, Bridezilla at me, I will shove this list of invites so far up their backsides they will be able to send the invites verbally on my behalf) 

(Ok, you can whisper the word Bridezilla, but behind my back, don't let me hear you) 

7 months? I don't know if it IS a long time or not? But we will get it done, and hopefully have some fun along the way. (Giggles manically)

Did I mention I already have a dress?

Small side note, what kind of joke is it for Mother Nature to bless you with your period on the day you are going to be trying on white dresses? I wore THREE pairs of knickers, including one pair that pretty much went from my knees to my boobs. I walked through the door thinking, "You bleed on it, you pay for it" (They should have that cross stitched on a sign or something, maybe I can make it as a Thank You?) 

The one thing that had panicked me, as a plus size woman, was that I would walk into a dress shop and they would look me up and down and say, "No dresses for you, Fatty" but thankfully, the bridal shop I visited was absolutely amazing. Dresses of all sizes, colours and I felt extremely comfortable trying on dresses, even ones that were too small. I was held in dresses, padded in dresses that were too big, and tried on dresses that I didn't think were suitable and yet when I put them on, I felt beautiful.

But what dress did I go for?

Want to see????????????

Well, you will have to wait 7 months, won't you? It's not long now, is it?

Big Fashionista x x x x

Shall we do this every week? Same time next week?
See you then.



  1. Yay - looking forward to reading all of your wedding planning posts (and stealing some tips!). Also definitely just LOL'd at my desk about your triple knicker fiasco (and am praying to the wedding gods that I don't have the same situation!) x

    Sophie Cliff

    1. Good luck. I was terrified of ruining a dress I didn't even like. Thankfully. I found the dress of my dreaaaaams.

  2. Only this could happen to you girl. The comedy value for the blog is very good though. I am so glad you found the one, it's the best feeling in the whole entire world! I can't wait to read your wedding posts ❤️
    Bee |

    1. Yayyyyyyy. Yes, I am walking on air. Anyone upsets me, I'll cut them with a cake knife

  3. AS IF you're getting married 2 days before me! Huzzah. So much to plan! I wore great underwear (huge shapewear) but the lady in the bridal show left me to try my dress on by myself so it wasn't even needed. A completely different experience to when I was a bridesmaid and ended up in a thong in the middle of a huge room. Haha!

    Tara xx

    1. Oh my gosh. This is awesome. How long have you been planning?

    2. Over a year now! We're in this together. ♥ xx

  4. We got married in May 2013 and we only started arranging it in January 2013 - it's totally doable. Though I concede I may have been leaving the dress a little late when I ordered 2 of them by post from Vivien of Holloway 4 weeks before the event & chose one without trying anything else. We even got a "late booking" discount from the reception venue - score!

    Good luck


  5. EEK! Congrats! I planned mine in nine months and now there is only TWO WEEKS TO GO! xx

  6. I'm getting married in a year. Went to try on dresses and as soon as I walked in, these scrawny witches eyed my boobs and said "we might not have tops to accommodate...those" Those? Those are my double D's that I'm quite found of, thank you!

  7. Oh you tease! Cannot wait to see the dress - and 7 months is loads of time. I think I had everything done in the first 3 months of planning, which meant I could spend the rest of the year making things for it!

    C xx


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