Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Striking New Appearance For Hollywood Bowl

When you are a family of five that includes two teenagers, a 9 year old and two adults that are looking around for adultier adults to do the adulting, it is hard to find things to do as a family that doesn't end up in either,

A) Tears,
B) Sulks,
C) the Accident & Emergency Dept. (What can I say, we need adultier adults) 

Last week we were invited, as a family, to attend the opening of the relaunch of the Hollywood Bowl bowling alley in Cardigan Fields, Leeds. I must admit, I hadn't visited this bowling alley before it had a £500,000 refurbishment, but people to whom I spoke before my visit said that it was slightly run down, and the word "dingy" was used more than once.

Trust me, it is NOT dingy any more.

bowling balls

Glossy, bright and stylish with a slick American diner feel, Hollywood Bowl is now a place that you can take the whole family for a fun evening out. You can bowl, you can play in the arcades, you can even have a couple of games of pool and a meal in the diner. The Hollywood Bowl in Cardigan Fields is now a place that can satisfy even the most sulky of teenagers, the most childish adults, and it can even melt the soul of a 9yr old whose idea of fun is staring down Chuck Norris and making him cry. (True story. Ok, it isn't. But she COULD) 

Because it was the Grand Reopening, the ribbon was cut by none other than Marilyn Monroe, (She bowls a bit don't you know?) 

Hollywood Bowl Leeds

And can you spot the blue-haired blogger who managed to NOT blend in, in the group shot?

Group shot with marilyn monroe

While we were at the opening, we decided to have a meal as a family, (because no-one had attempted to kill each other yet, or even swap cross words, this is unheard of. If anything is going to kick off, a meal for 5 while sitting in a car, cut in half is probably the place it will happen, right?) 

Now a meal for 5 people is usually not the most stress-free event, but because everyone was either busy sipping Oreo milkshakes from tiny bottles, eating Hot Dogs or devouring a rather large burger, as seen below, there was no time for arguments or disagreements. Instead we laughed, we counted up our stickers for getting Strikes, and protected our "I AM THE WINNER" Stickers from jealous sticker-free fingers.

hollywood bowl leeds

burger and chips Hollywood Bowl leeds

Everyone cleared their plates, everyone agreed that we needed to pay Hollywood Bowl another visit in the future, everyone agreed that the staff were exceptional, friendly, enthusiastic and genuinely happy to help.

And everyone agreed that a game of pool was now in order.

Pool ball and cues at Hollywood Bowl leeds

I HIGHLY recommend spending an evening at a Hollywood Bowl if you have one near you, if you live in or near Leeds, why not pay a visit to Cardigan Fields to see how the refurbishment looks, they even have VIP lanes where you can pay £1 extra per person and get a special lane which is filled with extras such as the cool bowling balls at the top of the page and your own server to help get you drinks and food. Well worth the extra pound.

Are you a bowling fan? Have you ever been before? Would you take your family?

Let me know.

*Disclaimer, Press Invite. Words, as always, are all my own. 



  1. Thanks gal, I now need to eat a burger. Darn you. So glad you had an awesome family night out, it's things like that in life that make you extremely humble :)
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. I want a burger toooooooooooo. And another game of bowling because I was AWESOME at it.

  2. I love how much you stand out in this photo!

    1. See the girl in front with the pink ball? That's my youngest daughter. See the grey hat behind my head? That's my eldest daughter. :D


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