Thursday, 26 November 2015

Blogger Gossip

Pssssssssst, want to hear some gossip? About a blogger? Of COURSE YOU DO, and when I write it down, it MUST be true, right?

There are PLENTY of websites out there, dedicate to spreading gossip about gurus, (see what I did there?) I have seen how bloggers can be hurt by these websites and I have witnessed the fall-out surrounding these sites, leading to people falling out, shutting down their social media and closing their blogs.

But they are out there, and they are out there because people thrive on gossip, they like to read it, and some people like to spread it, if they didn't get the traffic, these sort of sites wouldn't exist.

And it is EASY for me to say, just ignore it, don't pay it any attention, you are feeding the trolls, but you know what? Whenever I am given that advice, I tell people to stick it, too. so I won't.

Instead, just today, my comments are open to spread GOOD things about people.

For example.

DID YOU HEAR, that a well liked and respected blogger has a beauty box collaboration coming out soon? How cool is that?

DID YOU KNOW that a certain red-headed blogger has a birthday this week and I hear she turns 21!!! I really hope she has a great day.

I HEARD that a certain colourful blogger has created a girl gang. What an amazing idea, she is really amazing like that, always thinking of others.

AND one poor tweeter is suffering TERRIBLY from period cramps today. Poor thing!!!!!!!

and so on, and so on.

So who would like to share some GOOD gossip about bloggers, let us fight negativity and hate with POSITIVITY.

Let me know.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Omg, have you heard about the blogger who's just got her dream job working for a fashion brand doing their social media?! SCANDAL!! 😉

  3. Fantastic idea babe.

    Pssst, I heard that a fabulous blonde Leeds blogger is holding an event on the 5th Dec, and it's going to be fabulous.


  4. Oh babe! You at adorable, psssssss did you know that all my blogging friends feel more like close friends that many people I've met prior to blogging!
    Bee xxx

  5. This is amazing! DID YOU KNOW that I've been diagnosed with depression and the one thing pulling me through is writing my blog and being a part of this community?

  6. Great post. The Internet needs more of these! Sending good vibes from Barcelona! <3

  7. Totally agree it would be good to see some good gossip not this mean horrible stuff


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