Thursday, 26 November 2015

Blood, Sweat and Women's Tears.

I know I was not alone yesterday, watching the Autumn Statement in absolute terror, wondering how I was going to be screwed over once again. I think everyone was 100% that in one way or another we were going to be hit where it hurt, in the pocket.

Now I can talk about tax credits, pensions and the price of cigarettes but the one thing that has really left me torn is the Tampon Tax. I really, truly, do not know how to feel about the VAT on sanitary products will fund women's charities.

MY first thought is, are these are the charities that have had their services mercilessly cut by the government until they cannot offer any help at all due to lack of funding, at which point the government says, "Well these charities clearly don't make a difference, so we are going to cut their finding even further." (Cough, NHS, Cough) 

Now, don't get me wrong, I AM glad that these organisations will be getting funding. Charities such as Rape Crisis, which do extremely valuable work, had warned that nearly half of their organisation is threatened with closure. But it ANGERS me that it has come to this.

These organisations SHOULDN'T need propping up with my menstruation. 


These charities should be well funded already, they shouldn't have to turn away women, or not be able to help victims of violence or homelessness.

There is also an air of, well these are WOMEN'S PROBLEMS, SO WOMEN CAN PAY FOR THEM, about this whole situation.

I include a statement from Refuge, below.

 The link to the statement is here.

There is also the point that George Osbourne says, he will go to the EU to discuss removing the VAT on tampons. What will happen to the funding for women's charities then? Will it be cut back again?

And what is next, Gideon? Will we put the tax back on Jaffa Cakes and solve the problem of Food Banks so children don't have to go hungry?

I just don't know whether to be angry or happy about the whole situation. It has left me confused, I know that I am angry that it has even come to this situation, but why must the responsibility of helping women be laid at our doorstep and ours alone?

Help me out here, let me know your thoughts on this situation.


Q) What is the difference between tampons and George Osborne? 

A) Nothing, they are both stuck up cunts. 


  1. I agree Kellie I am so happy the charities are getting more support but to target women only to pay for these Ermm it's a little wrong in my eyes.
    Cuts seem to be made in the wrong areas I find. I can't watch a lot of politics as don't really understand it and it angers me! Carrieanne xx

  2. I don't actually have an issue with being taxed on sanitary items of the country needs the tax. What I do have an issue with is the reasoning that they are passed as luxury items, whilst a mans razor is an essential. I also think it is despicable that we live in a world where giant corporations and wealthy celebrities are allowed to tax dodge, whilst the tax on tampons is being used to keep charities afloat. I think George osbourne is a weasel who needs to look to the wealthy to start supporting this country rather than continue to make the poor poorer.

  3. I vote angry. So angry myself right now I can't even think straight. Argh. I am so mad at this government.


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